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About Us
You can almost find anything imaginable on the Internet.
There's practically nothing you can't buy.
comGateway is the global e-commerce logistics industry leader for shopping and shipping the U.S. The company is headquartered in Singapore and Portland, Oregon. In 2005, comGateway was the first company in the world to introduce the concept of global shoppers. Enabling for the first time, non U.S. online customers to shop at practically any U.S. website and shipping their shopping anywhere in the world.  
comGateway, the company of firsts were first  
  • in the world to give their customers a free U.S. Address in a U.S. sales tax-free state to shop from practically any U.S. website
  • to offer premium service at the lowest shipping rates
  • to empower their customers to shop from websites that don’t deliver outside the U.S.
  • to introduce big savings with repacking and cashback in comGateway Dollars
and now,
first in the world to launch comPare, a revolutionary shopping and savings iphone app to it’s customers in 220 countries
Through the years, comGateway has rapidly expanded in terms of size, innovation and in their geographic presence. comGateway now serves 220 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Malaysia.  
In 2010, comGateway expanded its warehouse facilities in Portland, Oregon, to even larger and better-equipped premises, to better handle their growing business. Forging ahead, comGateway strives to continually live up to their mission statement “to continually provide their customers worldwide, the best possible U.S. online shopping and shipping experience through innovation, ease of use, reliability, value for money, safety and the highest service standards.”  
comGateway Partners
comGateway is proud to be in partnership with some of the logistic and banking world most respected brand names. Through these alliances, comGateway continues to provide the highest service levels to their customers.  
DHL Express is comGateway’s official logistics partner. Due to its massive shipping volume, comGateway is are able to negotiate bulk discounts thus keeping shipping rates amongst the industry’s lowest, yet never compromising in service delivery. comGateway is also the official service partners for VISA, American Express, PayPal and JCB.  
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