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Let us check out your shopping and manage your shipping.
Our concierge style shopping experience makes shopping online easy and relaxing. Tell us what's on your shopping list and we'll pay for your shopping using cards accepted by all merchants.
We will notify you when your package arrives at your U.S. Address. You can then manage your own shipping in My Account.
  • Register once with us, we will shop and ship to you at home. No need to register at multiple U.S. merchants when you shop.
  • Peace of mind as you shop. We store your information securely and maintain the strictest security policy. We’re PCI-DSS compliant, PCI is the credit card industry standard for data security.
  • You're free to buy from U.S. retailers online, wholesalers or eBay sellers. You can now shop with the many U.S. merchants who do not accept non-U.S. credit cards.
  • Save on the cost of shipping. Most merchants do not ship internationally. Those that do, charge expensive shipping rates. Now, you can shop with multiple merchants and consolidate your orders.
  • Focus on the fun bit – shopping. We buy for you and coordinate the logistics with the U.S. merchant.
Service Fee
To keep things simple, we charge a service fee that’s a percentage of your shopping bill (the total cost of your item plus the shipping to your U.S. address).
You don’t pay U.S. tax for the shopping you buy because your U.S. address is located in a tax-free state.
How We Charge?
  1. When you fill in the Shopping Panel and send us your shopping list, we charge you for the cost of the items and for using the service. You don't pay for the U.S. shipping until later.

  2. When your package arrives at your U.S. address, we will calculate your international shipping cost. We will charge you this amount plus the cost of the U.S. shipping.
    International shipping charges are calculated on the weight and size of a package, read more about this here.

    What You Pay?

  3. When your packages arrive, the DHL delivery agent will collect any taxes and duties your Country requires you to pay. We don't charge you for these costs.
For countries where the comGateway import clearance service applies, taxes and duties will be calculated and collected before your package leaves your US address.

For the list of applicable countries, read more under our Shipping Charges.
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