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How It Works
Shop online in the U.S. from where you live
Register and get your personal U.S. address and start shopping at thousands of stores!
Shop and ship your purchase to your personal U.S. address with comGateway. If you can, pay the seller yourself.
If the seller will not accept your payment, you can use comGateway’s BuyForMe service. You pay comGateway and we will buy your order for you.
Receiving your packages from the seller.
We identify all packages with your personal
U.S. address and send you an alert immediately.
On our portal you can view the following:
  • Image of packing list
  • Weight of package
  • Date of receipt etc
Repack your packages or combine them before you ship.
comGateway's portal offers you the smartest ideas to save on your shipping costs.
  • Repacking
  • Where applicable we can repack your purchase into a smaller box to save you shipping cost.

  • Combining packages to ship
  • This is also called consolidation. When you combine 2 or more packages to be delivered together, the shipping cost will be lower.
Tip: some countries allow purchases below a certain value to be exempted from tax. You should take note of this when you combine.
Ship from your personal U.S. address to more than 220 countries.
Whether it is Express or Standard service, you choose the mode that suits you best.
Our Official Logistics Partner DHL delivers most of our packages. You get a premium delivery service at low prices that we have specially arranged for you.
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