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Loyalty Program
Gateway Prime

Our loyalty and reward program for our special and frequent shoppers. Enjoy lower service fees and charges when you use the comGateway service.

How to qualify

If you are a Gateway Lite member, make 3 shipments and you will be automatically upgraded to Gateway Prime for the next 3 months.


How do I extend my Gateway Prime membership?

If you are already a Gateway Prime member, your membership will continue to be extended by another 3 months whenever you make another 3 shipments.

How do I check my Gateway Prime membership status?

Login to your account. Under your profile, you can view your membership status. If you are a Gateway Prime member your membership validity will be displayed and the number of shipments required for your next membership extension is also indicated.

I have made 3 purchases, why am I not upgraded to Gateway Prime?

You may have consolidated your three purchases into less than three shipments. Please note that qualification for upgrade is based on shipments.

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