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Fees & Services
Register with us and we'll give you a free U.S. address in Portland (Oregon), a tax-free state.

You can use this address when you shop at any U.S. website. From there use our service features such as consolidation and re-packing to save on your shipping charges.

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Gateway Lite
Register for a free U.S. address now and start shopping.
Easy, no frills just pay as you shop.
  • No sign-up or monthly fee
  • Personal U.S. address
  • Competitive shipping rates
  • Option to consolidate packages at your U.S. address and save on shipping
  • Optional repacking for any of your packages
  • Storage at your U.S. address for up to 15 days at no charge
  • Monitor and manage your orders online, in real time
  • Online support from our shopping crew
Fees & Services Gateway Lite
Setup Fee FREE
Monthly Fee FREE
Personal U.S. address
Competitive shipping rates
Delivery Destinations (over 220 countries) Unlimited
BuyForMe service fee 10%
CGW Dollars
Shipping Earning Rate
0.0% of international
shipping rates
(excluding fuel surcharge)
Option to Consolidate
(Maximum of 15 Packages
per shipment)
Free for first 3 packages,
(for each shipment)
additional package US$1
Standard Insurance up to $10,000
(more coverage on request)
Free Merchandise Storage -
Re-packing service** -
Return Services
Tracking on shipment from U.S. address to your door
Real-Time Order management
Online Assistance
Order Checking service 1-5 items: $6
Above 5 items: +
** Prices quoted are based on for a standard-sized package. A separate quote will be provided for re-packing of non-standard packaging.

+Above 5 items: $0.80 for each additional item
Additional Features
*Standard insurance coverage (up to US$10,000) costs - of the total item value and shipping cost. All values are in U.S. dollars.
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