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If you are used to managing your own shipping, you can organise for your packages from different merchants to be shipped together.

You can save money, as we'll only charge you once for the first Half-Kg charge.
We'll store the packages from each order at your unique U.S. address. As we send out confirmation to you once package(s) arrived at the U.S. address, you can check if the merchant has shipped all your items. When you're ready, tell us and we'll ship all your packages together.
When we calculate the shipping, we follow the industry standard of rounding up the weight of each package to the nearest 0.5kg.
Where applicable, a consolidation fee will be charged.
You can manage your consolidated shipment in Orders in My Account.
Below is an example:
Description Your Package 1 Your Package 2
Actual Chargeable Actual Chargeable
Order 1 2.2kg 2.5kg 1.7kg 2.0kg
Order 2 2.8kg 3.0kg 1.5kg 1.5kg
  Computation of total cost:  
  You have made purchases at Amazon.com and macys.com, assuming that the first half-kilo charge is at US$25 and US$2.50 per subsequent 0.5kg.  
    Paying $90.00 Before Consolidating Your Packages    
    Paying $67.50 After Consolidating Your Packages    
Total Savings of US$22.50
  Useful Tip
  Do check what is your country's allowance for personal consumption as it may affect your Tax & Duties.
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