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Business Programmes
Make more money by signing up as our associate. Our low shipping rates and fraud protection has enabled businesses to transact with customers in over 220 countries efficiently. Find out how you can make more profits through zero charge-backs and better margin off shipping, leave us your details and our Business Relations Manager will contact you shortly.
Gateway Biz

This membership is available for businesses that are looking for a low cost, virtual warehouse facility in the U.S. We provide break bulking and prepare commercial invoices for you.

Choose Location:
  • Significant discount on Gateway Lite shipping rates
  • Low BuyForMe service fee – 5%
  • No package levy for consolidation
  • Increased storage of up to 90 days free of charge
  • Reduced Re-packing service fee – US$-
  • Reduced Order checking service fee
Description Gateway Biz
Express Standard
First 0.5kg US$ 13.2 US$ 11.0
Every additional 0.5kg US$ 2.97 US$ 2.43
Speed of Delivery 3 - 5 6 - 8
Fees & Services Gateway Biz
Setup Fee FREE
Annual Fee *$100 annually
Personal U.S. address
Competitive shipping rates
Up to 23% off Gateway Lite shipping rates
Delivery Destinations (over 220 countries) Unlimited
BuyForMe service fee 5%
Option to Consolidate
(Maximum of 15 Packages per shipment)
Standard Insurance up to $10,000
(more coverage on request)
Free Merchandise Storage Free for 90 days
Re-packing service** -
Tracking on shipment from U.S. address to your door
Real-Time Order management
Online Assistance
Commercial invoice preparation FREE
Access to Business Bureau services ***
Order Checking service 1-5 items: $5
Above 5 items: +
* Standard insurance coverage (up to US$10,000) costs 0.65% of the total item value and shipping cost. All values are in U.S. dollars.
** Prices quoted are based on for a standard-sized package. A separate quote will be provided for re-packing of non-standard packaging.
*** Services including, access to photos of your package's conditions and other services will be quoted separately.
+Above 5 items: $0.50 for each additional item.
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