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Topic: FAQ
1. Where do I locate My U.S. Address?
  Log onto My Account and your My U.S. Address will automatically be displayed on your shopping bar.
2. What is the procedure for verifying my Credit Card?
  Access your credit card statement for the US$ amount charged by COMGATEWAY VERIFY. Apply this amount/code to verify your card. (Eg: if US$1.58 is charged, your code is 158) Alternatively, you can call your credit card company to for the amount charged.

To complete the above steps, go to My Account > Profile > Payment Options under My Profile in My Account; enter the code and your credit card will be instantly verified.
3. How do I check if my BuyForMe orders have arrived at My U.S. Address?
  To track if your package(s) have arrived at your My U.S. Address, log into comgateway.com, click on My Account > My Orders > Packages at U.S. Address.
4. How do I change or cancel my order?
  After you have clicked Submit Order, your transaction cannot be changed or deleted.

This process ensures your orders on your merchant sites are immediately secured. If your order has not been processed, you may still Delete your order.
5. I have made payment for an order but some items were not placed. When will I get a refund?
  Please note that we only charge your account for items placed. Hence no refund is required.
6. Can I repack all my packages into 1 box?
  No, we only repack your packages into smaller boxes.
7. Why isnt the repack option presented to me?
  The repack option is only applicable to packages for savings on shipping when the volumetric weight of the package is greater than the actual weight. Please note that not all packages are suitable for repacking. (Eg, fragile items with protection material in their original packing such as laptops and audio speakers will not be suitable for repacking.)
8. How do I consolidate packages for shipping?
  When all your packages to arrive at My U.S. Address, select all the packages you wish to ship and complete payment in one shipment.
9. How long does it take to process shipping?
  Your DHL Airway Bill will be updated in your account in 1-3 business days (Express Service) and 3-5 business days (Standard Service) for your tracking.