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Shipping Rates and Fees
Estimating Weight

Your cost of shipping for your shopping will be calculated when your packages arrive at your U.S. address and is based on the shipping weight.

Shipping weight: Volumetric weight vs Actual weight

  • Volumetric weight depends on how bulky the package is. Larger packages have a higher volumetric weight. Bulky but light items take up more space in an aircraft. This is why shipping companies charge for the 'volumetric' weight of an item.
  • The actual weight of a package refers to how heavy it is.
  • If the volumetric weight of your package is greater than the actual weight, the volumetric weight will be the applicable shipping weight.

If you know the dimensions of your package, you can calculate the volumetric weight with this formula:

width x height x depth

width x height x depth


Use our shipping calculator for a price estimate

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