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How It Works
comGateway believes a great online shopping experience begins with easy, secure shopping, money-saving services and the lowest shipping costs in the market.
Ready to shop USA, ship comGateway?
Begin by registering. It’s free and we’ll give you your free, unique My U.S. Address. All you need is an email address and mobile phone number.
2 ways to shop any U.S. website. You choose
what works for you!
My U.S. Address
This is you managing your own shopping and shipping to My U.S. Address. You pay the retailer directly and checkout with My U.S. address.
This service is perfect for
  • merchants that don't accept your non-U.S. credit card
  • shoppers who don't want to manage shipping within the U.S.

With BuyForMe, tell us what you want to buy, pay direct to comGateway and we’ll make that purchase for you on your behalf. We will arrange for your packages to be sent to My U.S. Address. Please note there is a 5%-10% fee for this service.

Your packages have
arrived at My U.S.
Address. What next?

You'll receive an email 1-2 working days after your packages arrive at My U.S. Address.

Log into My Account at comgateway.com or your link on your email notification and you’ll be able to find real-time detailed information about your packages. View how much they individually weigh, date of receipt, scanned invoice of package, and repack availability status.

Because we know packages approve at different times, we’ll store them for up to 15 days upon receipt, absolutely free!

Once all your purchases have arrived, you might want to consider repacking or consolidating your packages to save further on shipping costs.


Repack or consolidate?

Repacking or consolidating packages are value-added services comGateway provides to help you save on international shipping costs.

In My Account, you’ll be will be able to calculate your savings and decide which option works better for you.

When you have 2 or more packages to be delivered together, we can combine them so that you only pay once for the first half-kilo charge (standard industry practice).

For each shipment, consolidation is absolutely free for your first 3 packages. Any additional package after that costs US$1. There is no additional charge for Prime members. Consolidation is limited to maximum 15 packages per shipment.

Tip: some countries allow purchases below a certain value to be exempted from tax. You should take note of this when you combine.
Sometimes, your merchant might ship your packages to your U.S. Address in too large a box.

Our processing team will determine if repacking is a viable savings option for you and it will be reflected as an option in My Account when you are shipping your orders.

We charge a repack fee of US$7-US$10 for a standard size package. A separate quote will be provided for re-packing of non-standard packaging.

Ship my shipping home!

comGateway ships from My U.S. Address to more than 220 countries!

Choose either Express or Standard service, whatever suits you best.

Express service takes 3-4 business days for delivery. Standard service takes 5-8 business days for delivery.

Delivery times are estimated from the time you organize your package(s) to be shipped and make payment for your shipping.

Our official logistics partner DHL provides real-time tracking of every package they deliver. Enjoy premium service standards, at the lowest bulk rates with comGateway!

Once your package arrives, check it before signing for the delivery. Enjoy your shopping savings!