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My U.S. Address

This is you managing your own shopping and shipping to My U.S. Address. You pay the retailer directly and checkout with My U.S. Address. Manage your own shipping in My Account > My Orders > Packages at My U.S. Address

When your shipment(s) arrives at My U.S. Address, we will notify you via email. We will also be informed of the international shipping cost and other applicable fees.

Tell us what services you require(repacking, consolidation, etc), what packages you want to ship, pay comGateway for shipping internationally and we'll send your packages to you.

This service is perfect for:

  • Merchants that do not ship internationally, only domestically within the U.S.
  • Merchants that charge high international shipping rates
  • Customers shopping from multiple U.S. websites and would like to save by consolidating their orders


What you pay for

If Applicable

  • Consolidation Fee - free for first 3 packages, after which US$1 per package is levied (max 15 packages per shipment). Prime members pay no fees for consolidation
  • Repack fee - of US$10 per package, should you chose this option. Prime members enjoy a reduced repack fee of US$7
  • Storage fee, only if you have exceeded your free 15 days storage allowance. You will be levied a fee of US$1 per day for each day thereafter. Prime members 30 days free storage

When your packages arrive, the DHL delivery agent will collect any taxes and duties as imposed by your country. We do not charge you for these costs.

For packages arriving at your U.S. Address, comGateway reserves the right to verify with the merchant should the purchaser be other than the comGateway account holder. This may subject the package to delays of 3-5 days.

  Our consolidation and repack services are options that can very much reduce your international shipping rates! You will be able to calculate your savings and decide to repack or consolidate from the information you receive when you log into your account.
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