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Shipping Services

When you have 2 or more packages to be delivered together, we can combine them so that you only pay once for the first half-kilo charge (standard industry practice). For each shipment, consolidation is absolutely free for your first 3 packages. Any additional package after that costs US$1. Consolidation is limited to maximum 15 packages per shipment.

You can consolidate your packages after they have arrived at your U.S. Address. Manage your consolidated shipment in My Account under Orders.

Below is an example how consolidation helps you save!

Description Your Package 1 Your Package 2
Actual Chargeable Actual Chargeable
Order 1 2.2kg 2.5kg 1.7kg 2.0kg
Order 2 2.8kg 3.0kg 1.5kg 1.5kg

  Computation of total cost:  
  You have made purchases at Amazon.com and macys.com, assuming that the first half-kilo charge is at US$25 and US$2.50 per subsequent 0.5kg.  
    Paying $90.00 Before Consolidating Your Packages    
    Paying $67.50 After Consolidating Your Packages    
Total Savings of US$22.50

  Please note that there are limits to tax-free purchases in certain countries. Please be aware of these limits before you request for our consolidation services.


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