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Shipping Services

Sometimes, your merchant might ship your packages to My U.S. Address in too large a box.

Our processing team reviews all packages at time of receipt to determine if repacking is a viable savings option for you and we will notify you via email. Additionally you view your repack option in
My Account. Where applicable, we can repack your purchases into smaller boxes.

We charge US$10 for a standard size package. A separate quote will be provided for re-packing of non-standard packaging. Prime members enjoy a discounted repack rate of US$7.

Repack FAQ

Why is my package not selected for repack?

When you will not receive any substantial savings on international shipping. Either your volumetric or actual weight difference is not more than 3kg.

If your item is labelled fragile, we will not repack it either to protect your package contents.

Can I request for a repack even if the option is not offered to me?


When is re-packing not practical?

When the difference of the actual weight and the volumetric weight is not more than 3 kg. Or when bulky packaging is required to protect your purchase during shipping.

Can you re-pack multiple purchases into one box?

We have discontinued this re-packing option as we have found that consolidation offers greater savings.

The option to repack your packages will be present in My Account under Orders after they have arrived at My U.S. Address.

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