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Shipping Rates and Fees
Shipping Rates

Because of our sheer shipping volume, comGateway is able to negotiate significantly lower shipping rates from our logistic partners to over 220 countries. What that means is bigger savings to you. Prime members enjoy further reduced shipping rates. Below, are our shipping rates and fees, fully explained in detail.

Calculating Shipping Charges

Choose Location:
Description Express
First 0.5kg n.a n.a
Every additional 0.5kg n.a n.a
Speed of Delivery (business days) n.a n.a

Please note that shipping charges are made up to the first half-kilogram, which is a flat fee, and
then a charge applies for every half-kilogram thereafter. This is the standard industry practice for shipping.

  The total weight of your packages in your order using standard delivery is 1.7kg.
(remember shipping charges are calculated on the whole shipment, not each package.)
    Shipping Charge:

Actual weight :
First 0.5kg+every additional 0.5kg

Shipping charge :

Add-ons to your shipping rate

Fuel surcharge

Fuel surcharge is imposed by our logistics partners, and varies with
current fuel prices in the market. Please click to view current fuel surcharge.


At ShopUOBLadys, we insure all packages for international shipping against loss or damage.

Insurance costs 1% of total charges paid to ShopUOBLadys. Total charges include:

  • Item cost
  • U.S. domestic shipping charges (for BuyForMe orders only)
  • International shipping charges
  • Fuel surcharge
  • Remote area surcharge, if applicable

Coverage is limited to US$10,000. Compensation for loss or damage will be based on:

  • Total value of goods declared
  • U.S domestic shipping charges (for BuyForMe orders only)
  • International shipping charges from the U.S. to a package's final destination

  When calculating final shipping rates, please consider fuel surcharge and insurance. Taxes and duties are calculated and collected by your shipping agent when you receive your package.

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