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10 beautifully crafted action figures that would make collectors swoon

How you can you be a grown-up and still play with dolls?

If you’re an action figure collector, you’ve probably heard this question countless times. You might also have come up with a convenient answer, like this:

“First, action figures aren’t dolls, at least not in the Barbie sense. Most action figures are made for adult collectors and more of display pieces than play things.  So, action figure collectors never play with their collections, nor let their kids play with them. The only playing that happens is with the computer games that inspired the action figure, not with the action figure itself. Action figures prices running up to hundreds of dollars, you’d think twice about tossing them around.”

Collectors’ reasons are as many as the colors of the Trolls’ hair. My favorite is this: action figures bring us closer to the fantastic world depicted in the film, computer game, or whichever media we love. It’s fun watching the Autobots win yet another battle against the Decepticons, but arming Optimum Prime with rifles and cannons yourself is a different thrill.

Here, we round up 10 recently released action figures so beautifully crafted they will make you feel grateful you picked collecting action figures as a hobby:

1. Rey and BB-8 by Hot Toys. A new addition to the illustrious line of Star Wars action figures is now drawing rave reviews mainly for its lifelikeness. The hand-painted facial features of the Rey action figure by Hot Toys is an accurate copy of those by actress Daisy Ridley, who played the lead in the latest Star Wars installment, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Measuring 28 cm in height, Rey has 28 points of articulation – moving parts — and six pieces of interchangeable palms so the collector can pose her in a wide range of poses. The package also comes with a miniature droid BB-8 with LED eyes.

Hot Toys | Star Wars The Force Awakens Rey & BB-8 1/6 Collectible Figure – $299.99
International shipping weight – 5 kg
Get it here!

2. Wonder Woman by Hot Toys. This is another action figure that is remarkable for its realism. The 29-cm-tall Wonder Woman action figure by Hot Toys is patterned after actress Gal Gadot, who essayed the superheroine’s role in Batman V. Superman. Collectors can recreate her various poses in the film using the six pieces of interchangeable hands and the 17 points of articulations. Essential Wonder Woman accessories are also included, from her tiara to her leather lasso.


Hot Toys | Wonder Woman Figure – $234.99
International shipping weight – 4.50 kg
Get it here!

3. Spiderman by Square Enix. You can’t credit the Spiderman action figure by Square Enix for a movie-star face, but it more than makes up for it with its poseable body. The more than 20 points of articulations allow bending Spiderman’s body parts into the acrobatic positions New York’s web-slinger is known for. Like Rey and Wonder Woman, Spiderman has a stock of six hands, including the one that squirts web.


Square Enix | Marvel Variant Play Arts Kai Spider-Man Action Figure – $99.99
International shipping weight – 2 kg
Get it here!

4. Old Man Logan by One: 12 Collective. While Spiderman has web-squirting hands, a Wolverine action figure by One: 12 Collective has ones that grow claws. The six pieces of hands are among the accessories that come with Old Man Logan, or Wolverine in old age. When not wielding claws, his hand holds a cute accessory: a swaddled baby Hulk. Old Man Logan, which stands at 15 cm, sports a rugged style consisting of a leather overcoat, white shirt, and workman pants, which are all made of real fabric.


One: 12 Collective | Old Man Logan – $80.00
International shipping weight – 4 kg
Get it here!

5. Optimus Prime by Hot Toys. If you grew up in the 80’s, you probably watched a lot of Transformers. Optimum Prime then looked more like a truck than a warrior robot. Take a nostalgia trip with a recent Optimus Prime action figure from Hot Toys. The design of the 30-cm-tall Optimus Prime – Starscream Version harks back to Transformers Generation 1, the first line of Transformers action figures sold in the 80s through early 90s. Though it can’t transform into a truck in the way Optimus Prime does in the cartoon series, it can be posed in varied ways, thanks to its 36 points of articulation. Its weaponry includes a canon and a pair of rifles that can be mounted on the arms and shoulders. You can soup up its appearance by attaching a pair of wings or set of wheels on its back.


Hot Toys | Optimus Prime – Starscream Version Collectible Figure – $345.00
International shipping weight – 5 kg
Get it here!

6. Halo Master Chief Officer John by Neca. Action figures based on computer game characters are known for being as elaborate as the games that inspired them.  The miniature Master Chief Officer John -117 from Halo 4 is not an exception. Toy maker Neca used the same digital model as Halo 4’s designers, so the character’s armor was accurately recreated down to the last notch. The design of Master Chief’s two weapons, the Magnum Pistol and Assault, is faithful to the computer game as well. Standing at 46-cm height, the action figure can also be posed in as detailed way possible with its 30 points of articulation.


Neca | Halo 18″ Action Figure Master Chief – $149.99
International shipping weight – 6 kg
Get it here!

7. Link by First 4 Figures. The action figure of the warrior Link from the computer game Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the only one in this list without articulated limbs. Its frozen pose, however, is the most artistic.  Arms pulling back the arrow and holding the bow, one leg in midair while the other touches the ground, Link’s pose conveys the excitement of that moment shortly before his arrow strikes the enemy. That is all it needs to transport the collector to the enchanted world of Hyrule.


First 4 Figures | Nintendo Legend of Zelda Link 11″ Premium Collectible Figure – $89.99
International shipping weight – 4 kg
Get it here!

8. The Undertaker by Jakks Pacific. This action figure depicting World Wrestling Entertainment’s Undertaker is produced in a limited run of only 3,000 pieces. So if you’re a WWE fan who knows what’s right for you, you would grab this action figure now; years after, you would be the owner of a prized action figure. Moreover, it’s an excellent way to remember the career of one of the most-loved entertainment wrestlers, Mark Calaway, whose mysterious hat-wearing persona as The Undertaker regaled the WWE audience for 27 years.


Jakks Pacific | WWE Limited Editions Undertaker Exclusive Action Figure – $154.99
International shipping weight – 1 kg
Get it here!

9. Vitruvian Man by FREEing. A reason why many are hooked on action figures despite the high prices is their diversity. Though superheroes and computer game characters are the most common, action figures go beyond these two types.  There is an action figure for you whatever your interest may be.

Artists who fancy classical art might look into the Freeing’s Table Museum series. It’s a collection of miniature classical artworks with articulated parts.  The Venus de Milo, Michelangelo’s David and Rodin’s Thinker, are among those that have Table Museum versions. The most recent artwork to have made it to the collection is Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, a drawing of a man illustrating bodily proportions. Standing at around 13 cm, the action figure comes with six pairs of hands, three sets of arms, and two sets of legs.  It makes for a useful model for the artist studying the human figure as well as a great display piece.


FREEing | Table Museum The Vitruvian Man Figma Action Figure – $78.00
International shipping weight – 1 kg
Get it here!

1O. Baby Groot by Hasbro Remember Groot from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, that tree-like creature who loves to dance?  Hasbro has come up with a baby Groot action figure, and the best thing about it is it actually dances. That makes it the only action figure in our list that can do real action. Though it has its own internal music, dancing flows through Groot’s veins so it can’t help dancing even to music coming from outside, detected by its built-in music sensor.


Hasbro | Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot – $39.99
International shipping weight – 2 kg
Get it here!

Some collect painting and pottery; some collect miniature science fiction characters. Whatever we collect, the most important thing is it makes our lives less lonely and more meaningful.

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