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10 Highlighters for seriously radiant skin

There’s one rule to highlighting that you must take to heart and live by: “Glow. Don’t shine.” You can shimmer like a pearl, but don’t glitter like a diamond.

The ballad of the diamond and the pearl

While a diamond is precious, how it radiates its beauty is not the same as how are faces could…and probably should. We don’t have facets for one, and while we can do with some glittery effects every now and then, going overboard with the sparkles attracts more unwanted attention — that admiring stares.

A pearl, on the other hand, gives off the right amount of glimmer and sheen; a subtle glow that gives a smooth, flawless effect if we’re going to apply the same description to our skin. And if you’re familiar with how a highlighter works, that pearly radiance is what this product is after.

Even Hollywood’s darling, Gwyneth Paltrow, had her diamond moment first before she transformed into a pearl.

Highlighters are meant to bring out the features that the layers of foundation have concealed and contouring has overshadowed. These features are the parts of our faces that naturally catch light — the temple, cheekbones, bridge of the nose, underneath the brow bone, inner corner of the eyes, Cupid’s bow, and chin.

While there’s an aisle-full of highlighters to choose from, you can’t just barge into a store and pick the first one you see and expect it to magically give you that coveted luster. Not everything lives up to the expectations, so we’ve gathered the highlighters that do just for you.



Pink Glow Highlighting Powder by Bobbi Brown
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Get that soft pink shimmery look with Bobbi Brown’s “cult-favorite.” Formulated with highly-reflective pearl pigments, Pink Glow creates a radiant yet flattering shimmer ideal for those with light to medium skin tones.



Indiscretion Face Illuminator by Laura Mercier
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

The silky finish doesn’t lie. Laura Mercier fulfills the “What you see is what you get” promise with the Face Illuminator highlighter. With its long-wearing prismatic pigments, you’ll get to have the “most intense illumination” throughout the day. To get the best out of this product, apply it using your fingertips.



Glow Stick Spotlight by Marc Jacobs
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Extremely portable and easy to use, this stick highlighter by Marc Jacobs gives your face a flattering dewy radiance with just a few glides of the roll-on stick that that you can bring anywhere and use anytime.



Moonchild Glow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

The hottest commodity in the highlighter section of the makeup market promises a “celestial skin finish”. Moonchild Glow Kit’s magically metallic shades are also perfect to use as eyeshadows!



Hot Sand Illuminating Multiple by NARS
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Dubbed as NARS’s “glowing virtuoso,” Hot Sand is a multipurpose highlighter stick ideal to use on your eyes, lips, and cheeks.



Watt’s Up! Cream to Powder Highlighter by Benefits Cosmetics
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

While we normally use the highlighter as part of our makeup routine, Watt’s Up! Can be used for quick touch-ups with full makeup on. Just glide the highlighter on the area you want to highlight, then flip the stick so you can use the soft glow blender to make sure that everything’s evenly applied.



Afterglow 8-hour Powder Highlighter by Urban Decay
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

This long-wearing highlighter comes in 3 shades that match with all skin tones (Aura in iridescent light pink, Fireball in peach with pink shift, and Sin in champagne). Upon applying it to your skin, just blend it with a highlighter brush or your fingers and you’ll be ready to go.



Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight by Clinique
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

One happy user suggests that this cream stick highlighter “brightens your face all day” by using just a little amount. Formulated with an oil-free base, you can apply this long-wearing highlighter to your bare skin or after applying a foundation.



Haloscope in Quartz by Glossier
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Glossier doubles the benefit you can reap from Haloscope by combining skincare (center) and makeup (outer layer). Take your pick between the universally flattering pearlescent highlight and the golden topaz shade for a sun-kissed glow.


Pony Effect-Mirage-Highlighter-#Lucid-Dream-Memebox-makeup.jpg

Mirage Highlighter #Lucid Dream by Pony Effect Memebox
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Have you ever watched a South Korean drama, show, or music program and wondered how women (and even some men) manage to have that pearly looking skin? Beauty expert and makeup artist Pony unveils the secrets straight from her home country through her collaboration with Memebox and her Mirage Highlighters are among the must-haves.

Shine bright like a diamond? Not this time.

Whether you’re a regular makeup junkie or someone who has just been ushered into the colorful wonder world of beauty products, don’t be afraid to try something new and find out which ones work the best for you.





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