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7 Ways Bedroom Can Make You Sleep Better

About 1/3 of our life is spent sleeping, which only means this activity has a significant impact on our overall health. But with our busy schedule and life stressors we encounter on a daily basis, sleep deprivation has become a normal occurrence. This can lead to various health risks and causes negative effects on the quality of our lifestyle.

While some of the reasons of inadequate sleep, can’t be helped, we can battle them by helping ourselves to sleep better. Setting up the right environment — our bedroom — plays a big factor in our sleeping habit.

To make our bedroom more relaxing and sleep-friendly, these items surely help:

Herbal Pillow-Made in California-Om Sweet Om Lavender Sweet Orange Aromatherapy Herb Rice Blend Relaxation Pillow.png

Om Sweet Om Lavender Sweet Orange Aromatherapy Herb Rice Blend
Relaxation Pillow
International shipping weight -2.5 kg

Relieve the day’s stress and body aches with the therapeutic blend of aromatic herbs in this relaxation pillow. The herbal pillows are made-to-order and available in grapefruit mint, spearmint, lemon balm, lavender, coffee, rosemary basil thyme, and pineapple lime mint scents.

Organic Cotton Sheet-Organic Cotton Frayed-Edge Sheet Set.png

Organic Cotton Frayed-Edge Sheet by West Elm
International shipping weight -4 kg

The use of organic beddings is becoming more and more popular these days. These products don’t have harmful chemicals that we can inhale or absorb through our skin. West Elm’s cotton frayed-edge sheet is made from 100% cotton percale and one of the manufacturer’s best-selling products.

Noise Reducer-Use Sleep-Hibermate Sleep Headphones & Sleeping Mask.png

Sleep Headphones and Sleeping Mask by Hibermate
International shipping weight – 1 kg

Tune out the noise and cast out the light in this dual-purpose sleep helper. Designed with flat, Kevlar-coated speakers for the sound to be projected to your ears and not to the person next to you. The eye mask is also designed to mold perfectly to your eyes and ears, plus reducing the pressure on them. This is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Bed Fan-The NEW Bedfan-Version 1.5-A for Beds 27 to 37 Tall Made in Texas.png

Bedfan Cooling System
International shipping weight -5.5 kg

This version of Texas-made cooling system is made for beds that are 27″ to 37″ tall and promises to keep you cool and sleep better during hot and humid summer nights. Other versions are also available at

PIllow-Integrated Listening System-Dreampad 26.png

DreamPad 26 by Integrated Listening Systems (iLS)
International shipping weight -2 kg

Let your pillow sing you to sleep with iLS’s new DreamPad. Engineered with Intrasound Technology, this pillow delivers calming music through gentle vibrations that only you can hear. DreamPad comes with 5 music programs that you can download to your iOS or Android devices. You can also get the optional pre-loaded mp3 player upon purchase.

Oil Diffuser-VicTsing-VicTsing 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser New Wood Grain with 7-Color LED Lights.png

Essential Oil Diffuser by VicTsing
International shipping weight -1.5 kg

Envelope your bedroom in your favorite scent with an oil diffuser that also doubles as an air purifier. This comes with an ultrasonic air humidifier and has 7-colored LED lights that you can set on dynamic or freeze mode.

Curtain-Blackout Curtain-eclipse Arno Thermalayer Blackout Curtain.png

Eclipse Arno Thermalayer Blackout Curtain
International shipping weight -2 kg

If you could not sleep in a bright room, but don’t want to wear a sleeping mask, your other option would be blackout curtains like the Eclipse. Its layered materials effectively block unwanted light and even reduces outside noise to help you sleep better. On cold nights, its thermalayer technology works to keep your room pleasantly warm.

Remember, however, that the quality of our sleep is not reliant to these items, we must also check and correct the parts of our lifestyle that messes with our body clock. Getting in sync with our body’s circadian rhythm is still the key to balance our sleep-wake cycle. Have a good night!




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