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8 Easter Basket Fillers to Excite Your Kids

Easter is fast approaching, which is always a thrilling time for kids. The much anticipated Easter Hunt and the prizes for their efforts are sure to bring a twinkle to their eyes. If you have the chocolate bunnies, plastic eggs filled with jelly beans, and bouncy balls down pat, here are more exciting Easter basket fillers to surprise your kids with.

Binky Bunny Plush

Plush toys are such a hit with kids it would be disrespectful to not include it. This pink bunny plush from Manhattan Toy can be your kid’s new best friend. At 12 inches from head to toe, Binky’s size is just right for a child to hold while doing his daily activities (read: running around and discovering new things in the yard).

easter bunny plush

MANHATTAN TOY | Binky Bunny Plush – US$ 17.99
International Shipping Weight – 3.00 kg
Get it Here!

Hide & Squeak Eggs

Perfect for children who are still learning their colors, these cute eggs look like emojis about to be cracked. One set has six eggs with individual colors and shapes.

easter egg toys

TOMY | Hide & Squeak Eggs – US$ 13.99
International Shipping Weight – 2.00 kg
Get it Here!

The Easter Bunny’s Workshop

The Easter Bunny is one of the most loved holiday personality by children, trailing just behind Santa and his elves. This colorful book gives your child a glimpse of how Easter gifts are made. Hint: butterfly wings provide the glitter, bunnies meticulously apply the foil, and other decors are delivered by bumblebees. With its movable parts, reading this book is an interactive activity for both children and their parents.

Easter Bunny workshop

JUDITH BRYANT & MEGAN BRYANT | The Easter Bunny’S Workshop – US$ 8.95
International Shipping Weight – 1.00 kg
Get it Here!

Fishin’ Bath Toy

Make bath time more enjoyable with fishing. Don’t worry, no fish was harmed in the making of this toy and you won’t need live bait. The set includes a magnetic fishing rod and three cute underwater bobbers with magnets on top.

Fishing bath toy

MUNCHKIN | Fishin’ Bath Toy – US$ 8.00
International Shipping Weight – 1.50 kg
Get it Here!

Cubebot Medium Multi

This Japanese-inspired robot ditched the batteries and opted for hardwood material and bright colors. Cubebot can make numerous poses with his strong wood limbs, but he also folds into a perfect cube when it’s time for him to sleep (or to return to the toy box).

Cubebot, robot toy

AREAWARE | Cubebot Medium Multi – US$ 27.99
International Shipping Weight – 1.00 kg
Get it Here!

Hop & Count Hopscotch Rug

With mobile games being the norm, introduce your kid to an old children’s game normally played outside under the sun. This Hopscotch rug allows your kid to play it inside the house. Brightly colored birds and beautiful illustrations will keep your child occupied for a long time.

hopscotch rug

MELISSA & DOUG | Hop & Count Hopscotch Rug – US$ 29.99
International Shipping Weight – 6.00 kg
Get it Here!

Wooden Toy Ukulele

Start ‘em young with music. This wooden ukulele is a fantastic starting point to train your child’s musical abilities. Its small size fits your child’s hands and arms, while still being durable. Who knows? Your child may become a rock star one day.

toy ukulele

HAPE | Wooden Toy Ukulele – US$ 23.80
International Shipping Weight – 3.50 kg
Get it Here!

Hatchimals Shimmering Draggle

With Hatchimals, your child will experience the actual hatching of these cute toy creatures. The sparkling eggs will take a while before it hatches, and you have to touch it regularly to encourage it to crack its way out. The hatchimals inside will tell you how it’s feeling through lighting up its eggs and emitting sounds. Once cracked, you can teach it how to dance, play games, and repeat what you say. The exciting part is: you won’t know what kind of hatchimal will come out.

SPIN MASTER | Hatchimals Shimmering Draggle – US$ 59.99
International Shipping Weight – 2.00 kg
Get it Here!


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