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Know What to Buy from Amazon and Save Money on Your Shopping with these Hacks!

Amazon shopping and shipping hacks for international shoppers

Compared to regional sites, Amazon US has the most extensive inventory with over 500 million products online—with some being exclusive to US shoppers. Even if some items are available at your local Amazon, their prices tend to be higher than their US counterparts. 

In 2019, Amazon was declared as the world’s biggest company, surpassing Apple, Google, and other tech giants. Needless to say, it’s a popular online store among shoppers worldwide. 

Coincidentally, it’s also one of our customers’ favorite stores where they can shop a variety of products and brands from the US that they can’t get locally. So if you’re like them who wish to dive into the deep sea of Amazon products but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. 

Amazon has so many products that it can get a bit intimidating for some, but to give you an idea of what to buy, we’re sharing some of our comGateway customers’ most favorite Amazon finds! From apparel and beauty products to home items and electronics, there’s much to love about Amazon.

What our Customers are Buying from Amazon

What customers are buying from Amazon to save money

Shopping from Amazon and other US websites already gives you huge savings. But what if he told you that you could save more bucks by following some tips? 

We’re sharing these hacks in the hopes that you can land the most significant discounts and best price when purchasing items from Amazon and shipping them internationally to your location!

These shopping and shipping tips will be beneficial to international shoppers like you who are looking to find the best deal on US stores and enjoy safe and affordable shipping of your packages!

Shopping Hacks that will Help You Save Money when Buying from Amazon

Before you start shopping…

Sign up for a tax-free virtual US address.
Not all Amazon US items can be shipped internationally. To have full access to the products, you need a US address. 

When you register with comGateway, you’ll receive a free US address you can use when shopping from any US store. The best thing about this is the address is based in Oregon – it’s a sales-tax-free state in the US that does not charge any sales tax for online purchases. This means even more savings on your shopping!

Join Amazon Prime.
When you join Amazon, you are entitled to a free Amazon Prime trial valid for 30 days. Some of the benefits include free delivery to your US address for eligible items, plus access to Prime-exclusive deals. Not to mention, you’ll also get to enjoy Amazon Prime Video and Kindle e-book contents.

Set your address first.
Before browsing the store, set your delivery destination to your comGateway address. This will allow you to view all Amazon US-exclusive items. 

View item prices in USD currency.
Due to inflated exchange rates, you may see a higher price for Amazon items when viewed in your local currency. To get the best rates, always choose the US as your location and view the item prices in USD.

Ask comGateway for shipping fee estimates.
Our Live Estimate tool can tell you the international shipping cost for your desired item on Amazon, even if you haven’t checked out yet. Neat, right? It’s a big help when you’re planning your shipping arrangements. 

What’s more, you can lock in the shipping estimate you received for a fee, so if your package arrives heavier or larger, you’ll only have to pay for your original estimated cost!

When you’re ready to check out on Amazon…

Search for coupon codes on Amazon or deal websites.
Who doesn’t love getting additional savings with the help of coupons? Browse through Amazon’s endless list of coupons here or find them through various deal websites. 

comGateway also curates ongoing deals on Amazon and other US stores and valid coupon codes to use as well, so don’t forget to bookmark our Deals and Codes page on your browser! Once you find the applicable coupon codes, paste them at checkout and watch as you save even more on your shopping!

Ship your items to your comGateway US address.
With your sales-tax-free US address, you’ll have the freedom to shop without paying for additional sales tax, so make sure to double check your US address as the delivery destination.

When your Amazon packages arrive at your US address…

Avail of consolidation, repack, or OneBox services.
If you shopped from multiple Amazon merchants and received various packages, you have the option to request the following:

Multiple shipments = multiple shipping fees. The fact that you chose to ship internationally with comGateway means that you were able to save more since this option is not available with Amazon’s international shipping. With this service, comGateway will consolidate your packages into one shipment – which means you only have to pay for one base charge shipping fee!

Uh-oh! Did you receive your Amazon item in too big a box? Don’t worry; we’ll let you know if it’s eligible for a repack service, and we’ll do it for you. Since comGateway bases your packages’ weight on the higher of the actual or volumetric weight, smaller boxes or containers means lighter shipping weight and, therefore, cheaper shipping fees!

For OneBox-eligible packages, we will take your items from various merchants then combine them into one container like a box or polybag to reduce your final shipping weight. We can reduce up to 80% of your packages’ total weight, so imagine how significant the savings would be!

Ready to start saving on your Amazon shopping and international shipping? 
Sign up for a comGateway account now and enjoy these benefits and more!

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