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Amazon Prime Day 2018: What You Need to Know

How fast can you click? With Amazon Prime Day on the horizon, your speedy fingers better be prepared to grab those huge deals and discounts. Let’s walk you through this year’s upcoming Amazon Prime Day.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

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It’s a holiday (but not a legit one) for the shopaholics in every one of us. Now on its 4th year, Amazon Prime Day is the online retail giant’s shopping holiday exclusively for its Prime Members. It is positioned to rival Black Friday Sales and promises huge price drops of your favorite items for a limited time only.

When is this year’s Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day 2018, Amazon Prime Day 2018 sales, banner, Amazon banner

Amazon doesn’t usually announce its exact date weeks before, but a leaked banner recently discovered by TechRadar showed that it will start on July 16 at noon and will run for 36 hours. That’s 6 hours longer than last year’s sale, which means more time for you to buy everything on your shopping list at a discount! The deals are not advertised ahead of time so you need to have a quick eye and fast internet connection to take advantage.

Who can participate?

This special day is exclusive to Amazon Prime Members only. For those just discovering this day of bargains, you can sign up for a free trial membership for one month. Amazon’s Prime Membership costs $12.99 per month (from last year’s $10.99 per month) or a one-time $99 annual membership. Students can use their active .edu email address to register for a Prime Membership to get the 50% discounted price of $6.49 per month or $59 a year.

What will be on sale?

You’ll find a wide variety of items on sale, from awesome electronics to the wackiest products. Amazon has already released some sweet deals and we expect more discounts on Amazon’s own Fire electronics line like the Fire HD 10 Tablet (possibly paired with an Echo Dot), a Fire TV Cube with Cloud Cam, Kindles, and other Alexa devices.

Keep your eyes peeled for Amazon’s Lightning Deals, so-called because they disappear like lightning due to the limited stocks of the product and the discount’s short time frame. Lightning Deals are launched every few minutes throughout the Amazon Prime Day.

How can you take advantage of these sales?

Check the reviews

Your eyes may be blinded by the discount next to a product’s price, but check the reviews first for the quality! You wouldn’t want 50% off on something you would want to return after several days due to a product defect.

Think about your shipping costs

Fact: Purchasing from different sellers and selecting Amazon Global Shipping for your shipments can be expensive. Why? Multiple sellers mean multiple separate packages and shipping fees. To save on shipping, combine and consolidate your packages into OneBox via comGateway. Send your packages to your comGateway address, wait for all your purchases to arrive, and tell us which items you want to put in OneBox. Get your free U.S. address now.

Are you actually getting a good deal?

Sure, it’s on sale, but is the discount worth it? If you’re only getting a mere $20 off on the original price, consider making a pass. Check out Camelcamelcamel to know the price history of a product. Just type in the name of the product or the product link and it will show you if the price you’re seeing is a big drop from its original price.

Shop on Amazon Prime Day and ship with comGateway for the lowest international shipping rates! Register now.


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