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America’s Best: The Finest Wines from the United States

Wine gets better with age as the age-old cliché goes; but as cliché as it sounds, it’s still the truth. The art of wine-making has been in existence since around 6000 BC with the process and taste changing over the years, some for the better and others for worse. Despite the evolution wine undergoes, it remains as one of the highly favored and highly praised drink, not only because of the taste and the buzz it gives but also because of its health benefits.


In Ikaria, Greece it is not unusual for the locals to live up to 100+ years, thanks mostly to the clean environment and their healthy diet, which include a daily dose of wine. Rich in antioxidants and other nutrients that help keep our heart healthy and our brain active, wine’s health benefits are recognized by medical professionals. But just like other drinks with alcohol content, wine is only good for our health when consumed in moderation.


As one of the world’s largest wine producers and distributors, the United States has introduced a number of wines that have earned good reviews from the experts. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of them.

wine toast

All wines on the list are from vineyards and distributors with CERA license from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) and can be shipped internationally.


Love Noir Pinot Noir2014 Love Noir Pinot Noir by The Wine Group
International shipping weight – 2.5 kg

Sourced from California’s dark Pinot Noir grapes, 2014 Love Noir embodies the “dark side of Pinot” with its deep, luxuriously bold flavor, and velvety texture that you will fall in love with.

Syrah Anna's ReserveSyrrah Anna’s Reserve 2013 by Adelaida
International shipping weight – 2.5 kg

This red wine is sourced from the 2013 harvest of Anna’s Estate Vineyards, located at the elevated mountain site in Paso Robles’ Adelaida District. The combination of blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry gives this wine an exquisite flavor.


Wine-Mountain Eden Vineyard-2012 Mount Eden Estate Bottled Chardonnay Santa Cruz Mountains.png2012 Mount Eden Estate Bottled Chardonnay, Santa Cruz Mountains by Mount Eden Vineyards
International shipping weight – 2.5 kg

This chardonnay defines elegance with its flavor including the essence of lemon, honeysuckle, and green apple gracefully mixed with the finest selection of grapes grown 2000 feet above the floor of Santa Cruz Valley.

Wine-Chardonnay-Lynmar Estate 2013 Russian River Valley Chardonnay.png2013 Russian River Valley Chardonnay by Lynmar Estate
International shipping weight – 2.5 kg

Taking a sip of this wine is like drinking a glass of golden goodness with its perfect blend of fruity flavors, almonds, and “a hint of minerality”, which makes this Sonoma County vintage one of Lynmar Estate’s best offerings.

Wine-Seven Springs- 2013 Seven Springs Vineyard La Source Pinot Noir .png2013 Seven Springs Vineyard, La Source, Pinot Noir by Evening Land Vineyards
International shipping weight – 2.5  kg

Made from organically farmed grapes that gracefully survived the monsoon rains during the harvest in 2013, this Pinot Noir is a testament to the resilience of its source. As noted by its winemaker, Seven Spring wines produced in 2013, LA Source Pinot Noir is “wonderfully complex” and “exhibit[s] a classical, elegant restraint that we love.”

Sauvignon BlancSauvignon Blanc Grist Vineyard by Alysian
International shipping weight – 2.5 kg

The first of its kind to be produced, this wine underwent the cold fermentation process in stainless steel and oak barrel for six months and has the unique aroma of green grass, lemongrass, and daphne.



According to the American Heart Association, moderate drinking means one or two 4-ounce glasses of wine every day for men and just one glass for women. Pregnant women, of course, should refrain from any alcoholic beverages including wine.







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