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Behind the Scenes at comGateway

We’re taking you inside our warehouse in Portland, Oregon – where all the magic happens. See how your packages are prepared and meet our friendly staff! comGateway’s facility in Portland is our third warehouse already. We moved here in March 2015 to accommodate all your packages! Plus, we love the building’s chic vibe.

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The sun is no match for our photogenic warehouse team. These are the experts who handle, organize, stamp, and repack your packages. It’s safe to say you’re in great hands! 

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This is your first peek inside your free U.S. address! 📦This sprawling space accommodates all your packages and houses the dock and different areas for dimming, repacking as well as racks and our quality control office.

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Welcome to the Dock, where your package officially lands on comGateway territory. We gladly receive an average of 1,500 packages daily from UPS, USPS, OnTrac, FedEx, and other local couriers.

Here in the dimming area, package dimensions are measured using our Mettler-Toledo scanning system. Its accuracy has been certified by the U.S. Office of Weights and Measures so every measurement is precise.

This is where your packages’ tracking numbers are skimmed and invoices are scanned for documentation. It’s a pretty busy and quiet area too!

After documentation, we move your packages to our shelves where they will stay while we wait for your other packages to arrive or further instructions from you before we ship them to your doorstep.
Shipments ready for international delivery are placed here at the Shipping Station to wait for pickup. In as fast as 3 business days, they will be at your doorstep! 

Other happenings in our warehouse

A stormtrooper helps Svetlana with content verification and photo taking. This stormtrooper is a big help! 😄

Braw just finished crating this furniture to ensure safe delivery. Crating can take up to 5 business days to complete. In other news, Braw’s beard game is on point. 🧔 

Our employee of the month: Muno! He helps around the warehouse bringing joy with his one eye.

Ship with comGateway where your packages experience the best care, customer service, and fast delivery speed!


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