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Best Beard Kits for Men Are Bought from the U.S.

These are trying times, but we should still try our best to take care of ourselves physically. For example, bearded men should continue taking care of their brush to preserve its quality and appearance. And we’re here to help you find the best beard kits for men.

But first, let’s have a quick rundown about the benefits of shopping and shipping beard kits from the US.

Benefits of Shipping Beard Kits from the US

1. Enjoy US-exclusive sales and products.
Majority of the biggest shopping sales in the world happen in the US—Labor Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and many others. With your comGateway address, you can easily join these events and shop for limited edition and US exclusive products.

comGateway lets you be 100% assured that your beard grooming kit is US-authentic and cheaper with lower prices and higher discounts. Top those with our shipping discounts and promos, and you’ll save enough money to shop more!

2. You are safe.

Physical distancing is still the safest thing to do today—making online shopping more ideal and practical. 

We at comGateway aim to deliver the best and safest US online shopping and shipping experience to you. Our widely-praised Customer Service agents are ready to assist you every day at selected times.

So, as we’ve said earlier, we’ve scoured the internet using our comGateway US address to find the best beard grooming kits from US online stores. Here they are:


Amazon US has EVERYTHING—including beard grooming kits!

King C. Gillette Complete Beard Care Kit $67.95

Sminiker Beard Grooming Kit $19.54

Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit $74.90


A US shopping experience would be incomplete without a visit at Walmart!

Fasholab Beard Grooming Kit $31.99

Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit 7pc $27.95

Naturenics Premium Beard Grooming Kit $42.26


Your brush will surely be graded A+ with these grooming kits!

Remington Indestructible 15pc Clippers Kit $71.99

Prosaso 4pc Travel Shave Gift Set $15.00

Royce New York Grooming Shave Kit $124.99



Nordstrom is one of the most iconic US department stores. Having products from their store makes a US shopping experience complete. 

Jack Black Beard Grooming Set $35.00 The Art of Shaving Shaving Kit $95.00 Anthony The Perfect Shave Kit $68.00


UK’s no.1 beauty box is joining the list with premium beard grooming products!

Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit $25.00 Mr. Natty Emergency Flair Beard Kit $47.64 Harry’s Truman Set Shave Cream $20.00

bed bath & beyond

The word beyond in their brand means beard grooming essentials, too!

Wahl Home Pro 22pc Kit $29.99 Van Der Hagen Shave Set $19.99 Braun Series 7 $209.99


From furniture, to beddings, to grooming goods—Overstock has them all!

Grow a Beard Beard Grooming Kit $35.00

Viking Revolution Beard Kit $37.49

Beard Grooming Kit  $26.99


How to Shop Beard Kits from the US

In 3 easy steps, you can shop for US-authentic grooming essentials (and goods!).

1. Get your own US delivery address.

To view the entire inventories of US online stores, such as Amazon, Target, and Ralph Lauren, you need to have your own US address.

Create an account with comGateway, and you’ll get your own US address. Note: Unlike other US freight forwarders, comGateway does not require any membership fee upon registration.

2. Set your US delivery address.

Go to your chosen online store, set your delivery address to your new comGateway US address, and start shopping.

3. Ship your packages home.

Ship your purchases to your US address.  We’ll send you notifications via your comGateway account and registered e-mail address once they arrive.

Then, you can now manage how you want to ship your US packages home. Pro Tip: Check out our repacking and consolidating services. They can help you save up to 80% on your shipping weight and maximize your international shipping savings.

Be up to date with the latest and best beard kits for men and other US-exclusive grooming essentials when you register for a comGateway account now!

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