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Holiday Sales Galore: Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday is a blessing for those who want to avoid the madness at brick-and-mortar stores during the Black Friday sales. With the deals being sold exclusively online, virtual shoppers – not just in the US but all around the globe – are given access to all the sales US online stores have to offer. This year’s Cyber Monday falls on November 29th, so ready your credit cards and stretch those hand muscles. For this sale, the fastest fingers win! 

Gearing up for Cyber Monday? Here are some facts you should know to help you get you ready for the sales.

Cyber Monday Catalog: See the best Cyber Monday deals to shop from the US and ship internationally! 

Cyber Monday 2021 facts

1. The discounts will be bigger, and the deals better than ever.
If the sales over the past few years are any indication, we can expect this year’s Cyber Monday to offer bigger and better deals than ever before. All the more reason not to miss out!

2.  Online stores, big and small, will offer deals during the event.
Expect to see offers from big retail stores alongside small businesses. Cyber Monday is your chance to score markdowns on both popular and unique finds.

3.  Stores will offer markdowns on various categories.
As always, you can look forward to getting deals for anything from electronics and home items to beauty products and apparel. 

Cyber Monday 2020: Revisited

A glimpse into past years’ sales will provide you further insight as to how this year’s Cyber Monday will turn out. Discover the bestsellers and top merchants among comGateway customers during Cyber Monday 2020. 

Best Stores for Cyber Monday 2020

Ebay. Ebay is undoubtedly one of the most popular US online stores in the world. Their Cyber Monday deals are definitely must-see!

Amazon. What can’t you buy from Amazon? With over a million products from various merchants, shoppers were able to stumble upon some pretty sweet deals on Cyber Monday last year.

Lululemon. When it comes to trendy apparel, Lululemon is one of the go-to stores. Aside from offering the latest casual and sporty threads, the brand is also known for its generous markdowns during sales. 

Sephora. What’s the best US store to buy beauty products? Ask around and you’ll get Sephora as the top answer. Combine their top products with the biggest discounts of the year and you will not go wrong.

Carter’s. Carter’s is one of America’s largest retailers of kids’ apparel. They constantly top our list of most famous US online stores for that sole purpose.

Bestsellers During Cyber Monday 2020

Here are last year’s bestsellers! 

Tips for Shopping the Cyber Monday 2021 Sales

International shoppers like you will make the most out of the Cyber Monday sales when you’ve got a comGateway account. Offering a variety of cross-border shopping solutions and services, the leading reshipper enables you to grab the hottest Cyber Monday deals and ship them to your location. 

To prepare you for your Cyber Monday shopping experience, here are some helpful tips. 

Request an estimate of your shipping cost.

Even before you buy the deal you’ve been eyeing on, you can already know how much you’ll spend on international shipping, thanks to comGateway’s Live Estimate feature. 

Have an easier time shopping with BuyForMe. 

BuyForMe makes the impossible possible by helping you gain access to online stores with credit card or payment restrictions. Using the service is easy; just send your Cyber Monday orders, and the comGateway team will purchase them for you!

Combine your packages into one box to save on shipping costs.

With so many stores on sale for Cyber Monday, you’ll likely shop from various stores, and will receive numerous packages. When that happens, avail the OneBox service, and comGateway will pack your items from multiple stores and fit them into one box or polybag to conserve space, saving you in the shipping fee front. 

Now that you know the bestsellers and the best places to shop online on Cyber Monday, you’re all for the 2021 sales! All you need to do is sign up for a comGateway account, and you can start saving on your international shipping costs!

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