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Best Performance Swimwear

Competition swimming requires a different type of swimwear compared to what is normally worn for a leisurely swim at the beach or community pool. Designed to cut down on water resistance, performance suits provide greater flexibility for maximum speed. These suits are also more durable than regular suits, constructed to withstand stress and constant wear from frequent training sessions.

A worthy investment, a good performance suit can last longer and help you perform better underwater. Below are some of the best recommended performance swimwear pieces to help you finish your laps faster and stay competitive.


Arena Powerskin Carbon Ultra – Jammer$399.00

For serious professionals, the Arena’s Powerskin Carbon Ultra incorporates a whole new level of support and movement management with an internal structure inside the suit.

Speaking of technology, the ULTRA LINK SYSTEM within the suit is designed to optimize the body physiology. By providing targeted compression zones, the suit supports and streamlines your body to reduce turbulence and drag underwater. The ULTRA CAGE fabric panels contains three times more carbon than before, and  woven more tightly. This means it is able to more accurately conform to your shape, distributing pressure to streamline your body allowing you to propel and cut through water at a quicker speed.

product 1_woman.png

Arena Women’s Powerskin Carbon Ultra Full Body Short Leg Open Back$549.00

The women’s version of the Powerskin Carbon Ultra comes with the same ULTRA LINK SYSTEM and a further defined CARBON ULTRA CAGE layer constructed within to provide multi-direction, high-density, intelligent compression.

The suit includes an INFINITY LOOP with X-PIVOT POINT for perfect body position, body rotation control & stroke efficiency and  ULTRA COMPRESSION PANELS for extra muscle support and targeted compression wherever needed. Talk about high tech!




The LZR Pulse+ fabric featured in Speedo’s LZR Racer Elite 2, offers a 40% increase in durability of water repellency as well as delivering powerful body compression, optimizing hydrodynamic form for maximum speed and performance in the water. Lightweight and flexible, this suit is a reliable option for speed and endurance training.



This Solid Super Pro swim suit by Speedo is constructed using maximum chlorine-resistant fabric, designed to last far longer than conventional swimwear. Wider shoulder straps provide support and comfort in the water. The suit’s stretch technology allows swimmers to move comfortably in any direction without feeling restricted.


Men’s Durafast Elite Solid Jammer Swimsuit, $44.99

Looking for a conservative design and fit? TYR’s Men’s Durafast Elite Jammer Swimsuit utilizes high denier poly fiber and innovative circular knit construction to combine the strength and colorfastness of polyester with the comfort of spandex.

TYR Jammer swimsuits end above the knee and feature a compressive fit, adjustable drawcord waist and free range of motion. The suits also have an antimicrobial lining for odor and are able to sustain 300+ hours of use while maintaining stretch quality.


Women’s Durafast One Solid Diamondfit Swimsuit, $62.99

Classic and elegant, the TYR’s Women’s Durafast Diamondfit Swimsuit is well known for its fabric technology and outstanding durability, lasting 20 times longer than traditional swimwear!

Boasting four way stretch technology and UPF 50+, this Durafast swimsuit provides excellent freedom of movement and sun protection. Featuring a medium neckline, sleek  flexible straps, a keyhole back and moderate cut leg, these suits are perfect for athletes who want reliable coverage.

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