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Everything You Need to Know About Black Friday 2019

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Black Friday, the most awaited shopping event of the year, will arrive in just a few weeks. Have you started the preparations? If you haven’t, fear not! We’ll arm you with the essential knowledge to enjoy the online deals coming to you on Black Friday 2019. 

Black Friday 2019 catalog: See the best deals to shop from the US and ship internationally!

What to Expect During the Black Friday Online Sales 2019

Black Friday brings about the best and biggest deals and discounts all year round. And, based on the annual trends, they only get better and better each year. As an international shopper, you wll definitely find the online deals from US stores to be worth waiting for! 

To get you started, these are some Black Friday facts you should know:

  1. Thousands of US merchants will participate in the sales. Since online sales go live earlier than on the brick-and-mortar stores, online shoppers actually get first dibs. No need to do your homework and decide which are the best sites to shop for Black Friday 2019 deals. We’ve compiled all the best deals and coupon codes for this shopping event!
  2. The sales last longer and longer each year. And they start earlier, too! For 2019, US stores are slated to offer deals as early as the first week of November. Some will even make it a month-long “Black November” sales event.
  3. Expect a wide variety of products to be heavily discounted. While Black Friday may be known for its unbelievable bargains on electronics, but during the shopping event, almost anything under the sun will go on sale. Shoppers will enjoy significant discounts on apparel, bags, shoes, beauty products, home items, and a whole lot more!

Tip: Buying from more than one US online store? Save big on your shipping cost when you avail OneBox for your packages.

Black Friday 2018: Revisited

Last year’s sales will provide you with more insight into the scale of the sales. Discover the best places to shop Black Friday deals online, as well as the bestsellers for Black Friday 2018.

Best Sites for Black Friday Deals in 2018

Top US merchants among comGateway users during Black Friday 2018

Ralph Lauren. Shoppers did not pass up on discounted designer threads from Ralph Lauren. The online store does not offer international shipping, so customers were able to use comGateway’s reshipping service to their advantage.

Gap and Old Navy. Both are renowned global brands under the Gap Inc. and have numerous branches worldwide. Still, shoppers couldn’t resist their exclusive Black Friday online deals promising new clothes for a whole let less. 

Amazon. The retail giant is always one to watch during Black Friday. Amazon offers a million products across the globe, but skilled online shoppers know that Amazon US has the biggest and most diverse product offerings.

Carter’s. Carter’s is a children’s clothing brand, famous among parents for their adorable designs for kids of all ages. Regular items are already reasonable-priced, but thanks to the sales, they scored kids’ clothing at further reductions! 

Top Products Bought During Black Friday 2018

Top categories bought by comGateway users during Black Friday 2018

Apparel. With deals that dipped as low as 70% off, shoppers stocked up on new outfits during last year’s Black Friday sales madness.

Beauty products. Makeup and skincare products were sold for up to 50% off, making them popular staples in our customers’ virtual carts.

Shoes. From sneakers to stilettos, footwear also became part of some of our customers’ Black Friday shopping haul.

Bags. In addition to clothes and shoes, shoppers also showed their style by shopping bags during Black Friday.

Health supplements. Customers also enjoyed the sales on health supplements, with many of them adding health products to their cart.

Tips to prepare for the Black Friday 2019 online sales

International shoppers like you will make the most out of your Black Friday shopping experience with a comGateway account. With solutions for payment restrictions, international shipping, and more, you are bound to have the best time shopping from your favorite stores. Here are some tips to help you get ready for the Black Friday sales. 

Get an estimate for your shipping costs.
Got your eye on some items which will be on sale? Have an idea of its international shipping cost – even before you buy – with our Live Estimate feature.

Use BuyForMe for a hassle-free shopping experience.
Planning to shop from stores that don’t accept non-US billed credit cards? BuyForMe can make that happen for you. Just send us your orders for Black Friday, and we’ll purchase them on your behalf.

Use OneBox for multiple packages.
We know you can’t resist buying from multiple stores on Black Friday. That’s why we recommend availing OneBox for all of your packages. It will help reduce shipping weight, and ultimately, your shipping cost.

How to Shop the Black Friday Sales and Ship Worldwide with comGateway

How to shop and ship Black Friday 2019 deals with comGateway

How to Ship Packages From the US to Your Location

comGateway provides shipping solutions to make your US shopping and international shipping experience a whole lot easier.

With your own comGateway account, you’re one step closer to enjoying all the discounts, deals, and exclusive finds US stores have to offer! Not to mention, you’ll get to save more on international shipping! Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a comGateway account and receive a local US address. 
  2. Shop the Black Friday deals from various US stores or use our BuyForMe service to access US websites with payment restrictions. 
  3. Use your US address as the delivery address for your online purchases.
  4. Once your Black Friday purchases arrive at your US address, comGateway will ship them to your location, anywhere in the world. You can track your shipments as they make their way to your doorstep

Ready to shop the Black Friday sales? Sign up for a comGateway account and save on your international shipping costs!

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