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Bring The Outdoors In: Nature Inspired Décor Elements For Your Home

We all know that living in a city can be busy and stressful. Nothing beats the smell, sight and touch of fresh, green nature. The blue sky, lush earth, inviting sea, and other alfresco elements make us feel reinvigorated, tranquil, and one with the earth.

How do we get this? Planting a tree in the hallway, perhaps? Or ploughing a ditch on the living room for an artificial lagoon? Having a piece of nature is not impossible. All you need is a little imagination and these wonderfully-curated nature-inspired décors.


Babylon Light – Fancy
Dimensions: 15″Diam X 6″H
International Shipping Weight – 6.50 Kg

Have green thumb? Babylon is a plantable light fixture – individually hand-formed from aluminum by skilled Canadian craftsmen. Whether used as an organic center piece or a working herb garden over the kitchen counter, Babylon will become your very own hanging garden!


Waterscape Hurricanes – West Elm
Dimensions: 6.3″Diam. X 7.9″H
International Shipping Weight – 2.00 Kg

Beautifully colored to resemble the blue lagoon or cool ice in the Arctic, these frosted candle holders and vases will add a pop of color to liven up any room!


Tiny Cloud (Lamp & Speakers) – Richard Clarkson Studio
Dimensions: 8″L X 8″W X 7″H (May Vary)
International Shipping Weight – 2.00 Kg

Tiny Cloud is an ambient lamp and bluetooth speaker able to react and flash to the beat of your music! It comes also as a lamp stand.


Hand Painted Flower & Butterflies Table Lamp – Etsy
Dimensions: 12″Diam. X 22″H
International Shipping Weight – 18.50 Kg

This delicate butterfly lamp will melt away your daily the stresses!


Umbra Gridart Frame – Urban Outfitters
Dimensions: 17″L X 17″W X 1.25″ Depth (Frames: 4″L X 4″W)
International Shipping Weight – 3.00 Kg

This grid frame is a great way to display your scenic travel shots.


Dreaming Trio –
Dimensions: 36″H X 26″W
International Shipping Weight – 19.00 Kg

Lift your spirits and add an artistic touch with a nature inspired painting.


Teakroot Discs Wood Wall Art – Crate & Barrel
Dimensions: 53.75″W X 2.75″D X 12″H
International Shipping Weight – 8.00 Kg

This gentle wreath of wooden leaves is made out of reclaimed teakwood and looks elegant in any setting


Porcupine Quill Mirror – Neiman Marcus
Dimensions: 33″Diam. X 5″D.
International Shipping Weight – 32.50 Kg

Looking for a statement piece? You may want to try this mirror. No actual porcupine quills were used, the quills are hand-painted for realistic finish


Sun & Sand Large Jar Candles – Yankee Candle
Dimensions: 4″L X 4″W X 7″H
International Shipping Weight – 1.50 Kg

Love the smell of the beach? This sun and sand scented candle does just that.


Linden Blossom Scented Candle – Not On The High Street
Dimensions: 3.3″H X 2.8″D
International Shipping Weight – 1.50 Kg

Inspired by the flowers that honeybees forage on in an English Garden. This eco-friendly candle has a bright and exhilarating fragrance with refreshing citrus notes.


Woodlot Coconut Wax Candle – Food52
Size: 13.5 Oz
International Shipping Weight – 1.00 Kg

Woodlot candles are made all-natural coconut wax. The Original blend is a take on the fragrance of Vancouver’s Stanley Park, with pine, maple, eucalyptus, and sweet orange. The Cascadia blend, motivated by a road trip through the Pacific Northwest, contains notes of fir, cedarwood, sandalwood, and patchouli.


Rustic Blooming Rose Pendant Light – Homary
Dimensions: 18.1″Diam X 6.7″H
International Shipping Weight – 12.00 Kg

Blooming rose? Or wavy sea corals? You decide.


Cowhide Fabric Slipper Accent Chair – Overstock
Dimensions: 32.5″H X 31.75″W X 26″D
International Shipping Weight – 93.00 Kg

This cowhide chair brings an updated farmhouse style while offering comfort with its cow print pattern on smooth cotton and soft polyurethane foam filled upholstery. Sturdy wood construction makes this seat sustainable enough to stand the test of time.


Aprile Duvet – Anthropologie
Dimensions: 96″W X 104″L (King)
International Shipping Weight – 3.50 Kg

This vibrant print is inspired by hundreds of Majorca fronds out of paper, placing each just so.


Asian Lily Cotton Lined Window Panels – All Modern
Dimensions: 84″L X 54″W X 1″D
International Shipping Weight – 6.00 Kg

Love these curtains! They’re so simple and elegant. Hung them in your dining room, but any room would be great for these beauties.



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