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You would keep these lights on even after the holidays

October could well be the “brightest” month of the year. Wanting a break from the gloomy skies and long nights of fall, people all over the world  during this month hold festivals where lights figure in prominently.

Celebrated in the US, Europe and some parts of Asia, the best-known of these feasts is Halloween (October 31), where pumpkins are turned into jack o’ lanterns by carving grinning faces on them.  On the other hand,  globular lanterns are put on display during the Midautumn Festival (October 4) in East Asia. In India, people during Diwali (October 19) light up small oil-filled clay lamps and arrange them in circular patterns to signify the “triumph of light over darkness”.

Jack O Lantern HalloweenJack o’ lanterns in Canada by Dave Smith via Flickr
1200x900_main_1505719157Midautumn Festival lanterns in Singapore by Halal Trip
diwali_candles.adapt.945.1Diwali candles in India by National Geographic Kids

Whichever “light festival” you choose to celebrate, you’ll be buying a candle holder or a lantern to follow its traditions. What we suggest, though, is you get those ones you can use even after the event. After all, candles and lanterns make for great home décor as their soft light creates a relaxing ambience. Here are 10 candle holders and lanterns you wouldn’t mind keeping lit the whole year round:

1. The Loop Candelabra Set by Black + Blum puts a modern twist to the classic candle holder – literally.  Made of steel with a glossy finish, the Loop is distinctive for its stand’s unique design that is patterned after the Fibonacci curve. Twisting steel into this shape by machine is impossible, so each set is handmade. Turn meals into romantic dinners by placing a Loop on the table. And no more blowing the candle yourself when dinner is over. The Loop comes with a snuffer which you put over the candle’s flame to kill it.


BLACK+BLUM | Loop Candelabra Set – $71.00
International shipping weight – 2.00 kg
Get it here!

2.Here’s an alternative to the Loop if you prefer the fat and squat to the thin and tall. The Smoke Round Metal Candelabra by Orren Ellis consists of four votive glasses standing on a round metal frame. Dress it up for special occasions by tying flowers, ribbons, and other accessories to the metal frame. Since the candles are arranged in a circle, the Smoke would also make a good modern substitute for the clay lamps for Diwali.


ORREN ELLIS | Smoke Round Metal Candelabra – $66.99
International shipping weight – 8.00 kg
Get it here!

3. If you’re the nostalgic type, the Bugia and Lanterna candle holder by Seletti will tickle your fancy. It resembles those antique oil lamps that were popular during the late 19th century but you no longer need to put oil in this modern iteration. You just  stick a candle on its porcelain base and cover it with the glass shade.


SELETTI | Bugia and Lanterna Candle Holders – $50.00
International shipping weight – 1.50 kg
Get it here!

4. Like the Bugia and Lanterna, the Design with Light lantern by Holmegaard also comes with a shade, however, one with a satinated finish. The effect is a soft, subtle light that sets a cozy mood. The hole on its gourd-shaped body also makes it easy to place and remove the candle.


HOLMEGAARD | Design With Light Lantern – $100.00
International shipping weight – 1.50 kg
Get it here!

5. Light up dark corners in your home with a cluster of candles, such as the Skyline Cupped Tealight Holder by All Modern. During the holidays, the towers of varying heights could serve as framework to attach holly leaves and ribbons to for a more festive look. Otherwise, you can use it unembellished, understatedly elegant in its gold finish.

C&L04 ALL MODERN | Skyline Cupped Tealight Holder – $103.99
International shipping weight – 10.00 kg
Get it here!

6. Evoke summer in the middle of fall with the Durkee Metal Lantern set. These groovily colored lanterns (red, yellow, and green) have openwork design that casts interesting shadow patterns. The openwork comes in chevron, honeycomb, and floral patterns. Convert your patio or lawn into a dance floor by hanging many of these over it.


BRAYDEN STUDIO | Durkee Metal Lantern Set – $54.99
International shipping weight – 5.00 kg
Get it here!

7. The Midautumn Festival may be over, but the Lunar New Year is just three months away. That’s enough time to prepare the décor. The Square Heibe Wire Lantern by Houzz and the Lantern Shape Wooden Pendant Light by Lampsnext are two décor you should make room for in your home as both offer a modern take on the Chinese lantern. Inspired by a lantern commonly used by fisherfolks in China, the Heibe keeps the traditional wirework but the fabric cover is a current addition that lends it a classy appeal. Like the Heibe, the Wooden Pendant Light is also made of a humble material, plywood made to resemble a pagoda.


HOUZZ | Square Heibe Wire Lantern – $450.00
International shipping weight – 51.00 kg
Get it here!


LAMPSNEXT | Chinese Lantern Wooden Pendant Light – $104.95
International shipping weight – 5.00 kg
Get it here!

8. If you want something pretty but not as flashy as the Wooden Pendant light, then consider getting these two lamps, the Transloetje Table Lamp by Fatboy and the Follow Me Lantern by the MoMA Design Store.

The Transloetje is a study in minimalism: Its plastic shade and base are all transparent. But what it lacks in ornamentation it makes up with its functions. It comes with both energy-saving LED light and a conventional light bulb. It doesn’t have buttons; you tap the touch-sensitive base to switch it on. At a height of 11 inches, it fits almost anywhere, be it a coffee table or a bedside drawer, indoors or outdoor. It’s wireless, too.


FATBOY | Transloetje Table Lamp – $112.20
International shipping weight – 2.00 kg
Get it here!

9. This austere aesthetics is shared by the Follow Me Lantern. The mushroom-shaped lamp has an all-white polycarbonate body with an oak handle. The LED light can be adjusted into three levels of brightness and can be recharged via USB. Compact – it stands at 11.5 inches – and lightweight, it’s handy as it’s pretty, perfect as both a home décor or a camping light.C&L010

MOMA | Follow Me Lantern – $272.66
International shipping weight – 1.50 kg
Get it here!

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