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Champions’ Choice: Top Picks in Tennis Gear this Season

The ATP World Tour lasted nearly the entire year, and with the championship only halfway though, the tournaments are far from over. While we still recover from the results of the Wimbledon 2016 and anticipate the upcoming Olympics, let’s take a look at this year’s ultimate tennis weapons, some of which are used by the world’s top players to take down their opponents.

Babolat Pure Aero 2016


Pure Aero 2016 by Babolat
International shipping weight – 4 kg

Dubbed the Spin Machine, Pure Aero 2016 by Babolat is a favorite among professional tennis players like Rafael Nadal and Jo Wilfried Tsonga. A predecessor of the AeroPro Drive and latest in the line of the Aero series, Pure Aero 2016 is a proud bearer of the enhanced Babolat’s FSI Spin Technology, featuring a more open stringbed with wider spaces between strings to create a powerful spin, especially during service.


Make sure that your Pure Aero 2016 is safe and sound as you travel for practice. Have it packed into the Babolat Club Line 6 Racquet Holder, along with the rest of your gear and apparel. tennis-bag-holder-babolat.jpg

Club Line 6 Racquet Holder by Babolat
International shipping weight – 5.5 kg

Head 2016 Graphene XT Radical Pro


2016 Graphene XT Radical Pro by Head
International shipping weight – 4 kg

Wimbledon 2016 champion, Andy Murray’s racket, the Head Youtek Graphene Radical Pro, has just gotten better and more powerful in the form of the 2016 Graphene XT. This latest addition to the Radical line reduces the weight at the throat of the racket and adds more to the edges of the head, thus allowing more maneuverability and power.

Yonex VCore Si 100


VCore Si 100 by Yonex
International shipping weight -4 kg

Angelique Kerber didn’t just become a champion of 2016 Australian Open by beating Serena Williams, Kerber played against the world’s No. 1 and won using the Yonex VCore Si 100. This new offering by Yonex features an improved grommet design system, which helps in creating a more powerful spin during the game.

Women’s Singles champ, Angelique Kerber, uses her powerful backhand return against Serena Williams in the 2016 Australian Open. (Pic/Getty Images)

Wilson Blade 98


Blade 98 (18×20) by Wilson 
International shipping weight – 4 kg

This racket by Wilson is packed with performance-enhancing technologies developed by its maker. Among these features are the Amplifeel handle system, to filter out unwanted vibrations for an improved performance and a cleaner feel, Parallel Drilling to allow the strings to transfer more energy, and Braided Graphite to effectively absorb impact.

There is a vast selection of Wilson Bags available to store your racket, but we recommended the Tour V 15 Pack. The 3 large compartments offer plenty of space for rackets, apparel and shoes while multiple small accessory pockets can be used to store valuable personal items.


Tour V 15 Pack by Wilson
International shipping weight – 6 kg

Dunlop Force Tour 100


Force Tour 100 by Dunlop
International shipping weight -4 kg

The Dunlop Force Tour 100 boasts an amazing combination of spin, speed, power, and precision. It has the grommet system and parallel strung technology similar to VCore Si and Blade 98, respectively, adding to the SR-X technology applied to its handle for a smoother but more powerful swing.

Prince Textreme Warrior 107


Textreme Warrior 107 by Prince
International shipping weight – 4 kg

This racket has the over-sized frame ideal for players vying for longer, faster, and more powerful strokes. And although the Prince Textreme Warrior 107 proves modest in aesthetics and design, the control and feel it provides to the player sets it apart from the rest.

Graphene XT Speed Pro


Graphene XT Speed Pro by Head
International shipping weight – 4 kg

Novak Djokovic’s famed weapon of choice is the Graphene XT Speed Pro. You can count on this racket for perfect stability and an enhanced distribution of weight from the grip to the tip of the racket.

Novak Djokovic, currently world’s no. 1 in Men’s Singles, does the backhand volley during a practice game in the 2016 Australian Open. (Pic/Getty Images)




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