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OneBox Helps Customers Get the Lowest International Shipping Fee

At the heart of comGateway’s service is the goal to make international shipping affordable and fast for its customers. It has introduced inventive ways to cut down on shipping weight throughout the years. First, there was Consolidation, then Repack, and now comes OneBox – the most practical way to ship.

With OneBox, customers can save up to 80% in shipping weight which equates to huge savings in shipping costs. This special reduction service is perfect for customers who shop from multiple online stores. “Our warehouse team in the U.S. combines multiple packages in one container – a box or a polybag – to reduce volumetric weight. Our team discards unnecessary external packing materials (shoe boxes or gift boxes) and fit your items in the least number of boxes or polybags without compromising your items’ safety,” explains Danny Lim, founder and CEO of comGateway.

One of the most bought items from the U.S. are shoes. The volumetric weight of two pairs of basketball shoes can go as high as 11 KG due to its bulky packaging. After discarding the shoe boxes and combining them together, the shipping weight can drop to 2 KG, the shoes’ actual weight. That’s more than 80% reduction in shipping weight!

Numerous merchants put their products in a disproportionately-sized box with unnecessary packing materials, which increases its volumetric weight and in turn, the shipping fees. OneBox costs $10 for the first five packages and $2 for subsequent packages. Many comGateway customers have tried the service and experienced a huge reduction in their shipping fees.

Jewels in a Box


lowest international shipping rates
Georg saved a total of $48 thanks to OneBox

Good entrepreneurs always have their eyes on saving on expenses without sacrificing quality. Georg, a jeweler from Germany, is one of them. He purchased multiple bracelets, charms, purses, and bags from Pandora, Jared, eBay, and other U.S. brands online to resell in his country. In a span of three months, he accumulated a total of 22 individual packages worth $1,080 with a total shipping weight of 18.50 KG at his comGateway U.S. address.

Upon checkout, Georg consolidated 15 packages (the maximum number of packages that can be consolidated) in one shipment and seven packages in another. The combined shipping fee will cost him $188. Wanting to reduce it a bit more, he reached out to comGateway’s customer service for assistance and was met with the perfect solution.

“We have evaluated your packages and confirmed that we can combine all items in one box to reduce the total shipping weight. Our OneBox feature is a service we rolled out for users who have or plan to make multiple purchases from several different online stores,” said Connor, one of comGateway’s customer service specialist.

lowest international shipping, ship from the us, international shipping

Georg’s wish to keep the gift boxes of select items were fulfilled. After OneBox, all 22 packages were combined in one container and had a new shipping weight of 9.50 KG. With an enormous 51% weight reduction, Georg’s shipping costs only amounted to $96. Deducting the minimal OneBox service fee, Georg was very satisfied to have saved $48 in shipping expenses, which he can use to buy the next 3 Pandora charms.

A Shopper’s Paradise

cheapest international shipping rates
Chun-Ying’s OneBox package had a 65% reduction in shipping weight

Chun-Ying, a first-time Amazon shopper, was on a shopping spree when she encountered a small problem: she received too many packages and was confused by it. She purchased a variety of Amazon and non-Amazon products such as Kindle, Fire Stick, an Echo Dot, a beauty serum, three iPhone cases, and yoga pants. But what arrived at her comGateway U.S. address were four separate packages: a box for all Amazon gadgets (4.50 KG), 1 padded envelope for the iPhone cases (0.50 KG), one disproportionately large box for the beauty serum (3 KG), and a polybag for the yoga pants (0.50 KG). Its total shipping weight climbed up to 8.50 KG or $72.75.

A customer service specialist from comGateway, Katie, cleared up the confusion. “Goods from Amazon Marketplace are sold by multiple sellers. Amazon may try to ship them in as few boxes as possible, but it is not a guarantee as some goods come from different warehouse locations. We highly recommend you combine your purchases to save on shipping cost.”

shipping, lowest international shipping rates,

After OneBox, all eight items were securely combined together. The single package’s new shipping weight is now lower at 3KG, a 65% reduction in shipping weight. Deducting the OneBox service fee, Chun-Ying saved $25.75 in shipping fees. “Impressive service! Now I am more motivated to plan my next shopping!” she said happily.

OneBox helps you save up to 80% on shipping weight by transferring and combining the contents of multiple packages (of your choosing) to a box or bag of the lowest possible volumetric weight. Register now and get the lowest rates on international shipping!

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