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Chinese New Year 2019: Home Decor Tips and Ideas

Chinese New Year home decor ideas

Chinese New Year 2019, or the Spring Festival for Chinese countries, is fast approaching. Are you ready to bring good fortune to your home and personal life? Then it’s time you do some redecorating in your home in preparation for this holiday. Let us give you some Chinese New Year home decor tips and ideas for this 2019, also known as the Year of the Pig.

Tip #1: Keep your home clutter-free. Many rely on the ancient Chinese science of feng shui to guide them in re-arranging their home. Its ultimate goal is to create a harmonious space by balancing all the forces and energy of the earth, or chi. And one of the basics of feng shui is ridding your home of all clutter to keep the positive energy flowing. These items can help keep your space organized and obstruction-free:

Various Storage Drawer Organizers
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Dormify Gold Pineapple Ring Holder
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Go-Oblong Aux Cable Organizer
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Tip #2: Adorn it with some Year of the Pig accents.
Hanging lucky charms with animal signs is another widespread practice during Chinese New Year. And since 2019 is the Year of the Pig, this fluffy animal will be the star of your designs. However, if you prefer subtle nods over traditional lucky charms, these decors offer a contemporary and tasteful take on them:

Trademark Fine Art Pig Print on Wrapped Canvas
TRADEMARK FINE ART | Pig Print- US$ 40.99
International Shipping Weight – 13.00 kg
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Picnic Plus Pig Wood Cutting Board
PICNIC PLUS | Cutting Board – US$ 27.99
International Shipping Weight – 2.00 kg

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Tip #3: Create balance with yin and yang decor. As mentioned earlier, feng shui aims for balance, and the universal symbol for this principle is the yin and yang. According to the Chinese, the world is made up of the yin (feminine energy) and yang (masculine energy) opposing forces which must remain in perfect harmony to create positive energy. Let these yin and yang pieces be a reminder to create balance in your home:

Most Amazing Yin Yang Wall Art
MOST AMAZING | Wall Art – US$ 19.99 International Shipping Weight – 2.00 kg
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Oriental Furniture Yin Yang Candle Holder Set
URBAN OUTFITTERS | Candleholders- US$ 30.00 International Shipping Weight – 1.00 kg
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Tip #4: Rely on the lucky colors of 2019 for good fortune. Basing your home’s color scheme on the lucky colors of 2019 provides an easy way to marry style through color-coordinated pieces with their function to bring luck and prosperity to your space. And lucky for you (pun intended), 2019 has plenty of lucky colors you can choose from. Whether you settle for red, orange, pink, or yellow, these are stylish pieces you’ll surely want as your Chinese New Year decorations:

Hayneedle Cherry Blossom Porcelain Tea Set
HAYNEEDLE | Porcelain Tea Set – US$ 43.00
International Shipping Weight – 4.00 kg
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Crosley C6 Turntable
CROSLEY | C6 Turntable – US$ 169.95
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Covo Aika Pendulum Clock
COVO | Aika Pendulum Clock – US$ 200.57
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Dean Crouser Koi Wall Art
DEAN CROUSER | Koi Wall Art – US$ 16.78
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Urban Outfitters Lucky Cat Throw Pillow
34.00 International Shipping Weight – 2.00 kg
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ABC Carpet & Home Pink Quartz Singing Bowl
ABC | Pink Bowl – US$ 750.00
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William Sonoma Hummingbird Ginger Jar Pom Vase
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Mistana Ceramic Lantern
MISTANA | Ceramic Lantern – US$ 31.37
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