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Hoist Your Sails for the Columbus Day Sales!


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Ahoy, mateys! Did you know? The US will be celebrating Columbus Day on October 14th this year. It’s a commemoration of Christopher Columbus’ s founding of the New World, which we now know as the Americas. 

Aside from being a nationwide holiday, Americans also look forward to Columbus Day because of the massive sales. Various stores and merchants treat shoppers to huge discounts and an array of deals that are hard to resist. But thanks to the innovation of online shopping, international shoppers like you get to join in on all the fun. 

Make sure to sign up for a comGateway account to get a US address where you can send your Columbus Day sales purchases for international shipping!

Stick around as we update this blog with the best deals for the Columbus Day Sales 2020! In the meantime, check out the current deals!

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Some of you might think that the Columbus Day sales this 2020 will just be another overrated event with flimsy deals. But we’re here to tell you why you should not miss out on this shopper’s holiday.

A Look Back on the 2018 Columbus Day Sales

To give you an idea on the scale of the Columbus Day sales, we’ll use our shipment data from 2018 sales as a reference.

For Columbus Day 2018, the discounts were up to 70% off. comGateway customers from all over the world wasted no time and sailed on to grab the best deals in these product categories.

Top product categories bought during Columbus Day 2018

Meanwhile, they discovered treasures of online deals from the following merchants that became their favorite stores for the Columbus Day 2018 sales.

Top US online stores for comGateway customers during Columbus Day 2018

There’s no need to be afraid of shopping from multiple US merchants. OneBox can help you save on your package weight, and ultimately your shipping fees!

Columbus Day Sales 2020

For Columbus Day 2020, you have an opportunity to stumble upon some great deals worth buying. Discounts are expected to rise to 70%, much like last year’s! So if you missed out on the Labor Day sales, and can’t wait for the Black Friday sales, now’s your chance to add your much-awaited items to your cart!

Don’t miss out on the Columbus Day sales this 2020. Sign up for a comGateway account and start shopping those deals on October 14th. We’ll handle the international delivery of your purchases.

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