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Sealed with a kiss: Controlling the world with lipsticks

“Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.”

Lipstick is like the star of the cosmetics stage: it comes to mind first when someone says “makeup”, and it takes the privilege of being the last to grace our faces with its presence. Just like how the main act would take the center stage for the finale, lipstick completes your daily beauty routine with a grand finish. And if you’re in a rush, you can just skip the rest and head straight to adding a touch of color to your lips. Even with just a lipstick on, you feel confident, you feel empowered.

The bold red lipstick became the strongest element in women’s makeup back in the 1950s and Marilyn Monroe was among the female celebrities who popularized the shade.

What’s in a stick of colored wax (sometimes liquid) that makes it a famous beauty product? Christian Louboutin believes that “lipstick is a woman’s magic wand.” It possesses the magical power to transform someone right in front of your eyes with just a few swipes. In films and TV shows, you can pinpoint which female character plays the role of the meek lead and the evil villain; or when the gentle leading lady has had enough and comes back with vengeance symbolized by her bold, red lipstick shade.

Betty Boop was created by Max Fleischer as a caricature of a Jazz Age flapper.

Back in the 1920s, lipstick played a significant role in the Western women’s quest to break the standards of acceptable behavior. The rise of the flapper lifestyle also popularized the use of lipstick as an expression of female independence.

Fast forward to 2016, let’s take a look at how these shades of crimson live up to their empowering reputation, and how the non-red variants add fun to embracing the girl power culture.

The red queens

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.
That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” — Gwyneth Paltrow


Diva Velvet Matte Lip Colour by Christian Louboutin
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Louboutin’s red sole signature has crossed the borders to cosmetics, along with his love for rare and regal aesthetics. His Velvet Matte lipstick collection features different shades encased in a regal packaging that won’t lose among the treasures on a queen’s vanity table.


Brave Red M·A·C Guo Pei by MAC Cosmetics
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

No other color depicts “brave” better than bold red and Guo Pei’s collaboration with MAC has produced one daring shade. Combined with the gold metal case and floral fabric cover, the Chinese designer has magnificently managed to take her bold take on beauty to the world of cosmetics.


Charlotte Olympia by MAC Cosmetics
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Charlotte Olympia is another designer who partners with MAC Cosmetics to showcase her passion for beauty outside the runway. Leading Lady Red, along with two other scarlet shades, is her tribute to every femme fatale in the world.


Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour by Chanel Cosmetics
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Define seduction in red with Chanel Cosmetic’s Rouge Allure – a lipstick that is as soft as velvet with “a real second-skin effect.”


Rouge Couture Colour by Dior
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

The idea behind Rouge Dior Collection is for women to “choose and change shades to express themselves.” Take your pick among the range of colors from rosewood, coral, pink, and other tints in satin and matte finish. With Dior’s Rouge collection alone, you can dress your lips in 50 shades of red.


Vermillion Vee M·A·C x Chris Chang by MAC Cosmetics
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Chris Chang’s love for vibrant and trendy color schemes has made its way into the makeup scene. Vermillion Vee is just one of the limited edition lipsticks from her collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, which inspiration she drew from different traditional costumes, art, and poetry. Other shades in her collection are Cloud Gait, DDDevilish, Gold XIXI, and Plum Princess.


Pro Longwear Lipcolour by MAC Cosmetics
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Get the long-lasting red lips in two easy steps using the clear base color and the gloss. Both Lasting Lust and the Clingpeach shade are kiss-, water-, smudge-, and feather-proof.

The trendy princesses

“Lips are the outward sign, the emblem of desire, and lipstick is the ink in which we graffiti that message on our smile, our pout and pucker.” – Chloe Thurlow (Katie in Love)


Wine Lipstick by Chateau LaBiotte
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg


While makeup is generally associated with women, it’s interesting to note that a group of young lads has managed to make lipstick a trend online. Chateau LaBiotte’s Wine Lip Tint was mentioned in a song that K-pop boy group EXO released in August 2016, alluding to the girl the boys are after. Needless to say, their fangirls turned to the Internet to find the same lipstick in hopes to captivate and rule the hearts of their beloved oppas.


Viva Glam II Ariana Grande by MAC Cosmetics
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Mixing beauty with charity, pop sensation Ariana Grande turned to MAC Cosmetics to reach out to the needy. Every cent earned from the selling price of Viva Glam I and II is meant to help men, women, and children affected by and living with HIV/AIDS.


Love Bite Lip Kit by Kylie Cosmetics
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Kylie Jenner sure has some quite interestingly named products in her makeup line, but one of the lip kits launched in September is worthy of some special attention. The shade of the Bite turns out to be what you think it is — yep, it takes the exact color of a hickey as proven by Ashley Sardella who tweeted a photo comparing the Love Bite with the real deal.

Lipstick has come a long way in an even wider variety too, but regardless of what’s available in front of you, always remember that you’ll still be the one to decide which color suits you. Pucker up and get your shade on!





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