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Eco Friendly School Supplies

Encourage your kids to care for the environment! By recycling, and using environmentally friendly products, your little ones will grow up to be aware of the environment as they foster lifelong habits that could potentially make a drastic difference in tomorrow’s world.
Daily habits make a difference, and who ever said green products were drab and boring? Here’s a list of cool eco-friendly products that can brighten anyone’s day!
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Plantable Pencils

The Sprout Pencil is the first plantable sustainable pencil in the world. By replacing the eraser with a special seed capsule, it serves a cool dual function of completing essays and sprouting vegetation!

Made of natural materials, the seeds within the capsule are high quality, non-gmo seeds. The capsule is water soluble, making the pencil easy to plant after use. Fresh herbs, crispy vegetables, or edible flowers, will then grow out of the pencil.


Sprout’s super special Pizza Edition sprouts up basil, cherry tomatoes and oregano. End the school term by letting the kids plant their pencils, and enjoy the harvest later in the form of delicious pizza!

Sprout Pencil Pizza Edition, $ 7.50

Sprout color pencils are also available in a pack of 8, with each individual color sprouting a different type of plant.

Sprout Color Pencil, $ 18.95

Recycled Paper


Elephant POOPOOPAPER -Letter Size Paper, $15.99

 50 sheet pack 8.5 x 11″ letter size paper

These printer-friendly papers are made from 85% elephant poop fibers mixed with seasonally available agricultural waste fibers from banana stock, hay, and corn husks. Sustainable, recycled and ecologically sound, these papers are completely odorless and feel as smooth as regular paper.

All Elephant POOPOOPAPER sheets and envelopes are lignin and acid-free, and are of archival quality. The company also produces a variety of notebooks, cards, and envelopes. using different varieties of.. you guessed it, poo.

Earth Friendly Glue


Coccoina Non-Toxic Glue Stick, $3.95

The Coccoina Non-Toxic Glue Stick is safe for the environment, and your kids! Free of solvents & petroleum, and easily washes off with water. Extremely easy to use, its made of an environmentally friendly polyvinylpyrrolidone formula. The glue also has a wonderful almond fragrance that smells like Italian Marzipan! Perfect for eco-conscious kids, teens, parents, offices, or anyone into making eco-friendly crafts!

Biodegradable Pens

This Paper Mate Biodegradable pen is made with components that are biodegradable in your own backyard! Majority of pen is made from corn, an annually renewable resource. These pens have a 22% lower carbon footprint per pen vs. conventional plastic pens and promises smooth writing and bold, vivid color.


Recycled Newspaper Pencils

smart-smencil-peppermint-scented-pencil.jpgSmart Smencils$7.49 + Free Shipping on Amazon U.S.

Smart Smencils are pencils made from 100% recycled newspaper and scented with peppermint. Science shows that the scent of peppermint stimulates brain activity and improves concentration. Give your child’s brain a boost and try a Smencil today!

Eco Highlighter Pencils


Eco Highlighter Pencils Set of 6 Jumbo Size Neon Colors, $19.99

Millions of highlighters are used each day and most of them are a formulation of liquid ink or gel encased in plastic. They’re nearly impossible to recycle!

These highlighter pencils are 100% biodegradable, with no plastics, no ink solvents, and no volatile organic compounds. Made with wood from managed forest, this set includes 6 neon colors (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) and a jumbo sized pencil sharpener.

These pencils will not bleed through your textbook pages or dry out and lasts far longer than a regular highlighter. Pigmented and bright, they’re a great eco-friendly alternative. 


Backpack made from Recycled Materials


EcoGear Glacier Recycled PET Backpack, $29.95

This truly sustainable line of EcoGear bags is made from recycled PET water bottles (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) and is as easy on the eyes as it is on the earth.

Rugged, sleek, and perfect for a day of activity, the Glacier backpack is ideal for hikers, bikers and those always on the go. With a loop for hanging, ergonomic, padded straps, internal pockets, and a moisture-wicking mesh back, this bag won’t let you down when you’re out and about. Available in pink or grey.


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