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Find the Perfect Fitness Tracker

We have an abundance of fitness trackers in the market but finding the right one for you may be confusing for many of us. In this post, we help you discover the best fitness tracker to match your workout styles.

Your Goal: To Track Everything


Fitbit SurgeFitbit
International Shipping Weight – 1.50 kg

With a super long battery life (up to 7 days!) and 10 hours of GPS battery life, we found the Fitbit Surge to be best suited for all-rounded usage. With all day activity tracking, we got to see the distance we’d run, the resulting calories burned, the floors we’d climbed and more. SmartTrack automatically recognizes when you’re exercising and records it in your Fitbit App.

We also liked how the Fitbit Surge continued to be easy to use with our sweaty mid-workout fingers – this made it a breeze to swipe to view notifications and change songs mid-workout.

Your Goal: Weight Management
basisBasis Peak – Basis
International Shipping Weight – 1.50 kg

With an optical heart rate reader, we recommend this for heart rate monitoring and for capturing the most information about your exercise: The Basis Peak does 24/7 fitness and sleep tracking, and it even keeps tabs on your galvanic skin response (sweat and skin temperature, in simple speak). Because it was water resistant, we wore the Basis Peak while swimming as well.

While the Basis Peak comes in just black or white, we opted to switch the color band on ours to match each day of the week.

Like other fitness trackers, the Basis Peak has a touch screen display, and you can get call notifications,  text, emails and control music on your wrist. Battery life should last up to 4 days on the Basis Peak.

Your Goal: To Become the Stair Master

microsoft band

Microsoft Band 2Microsoft Store
International Shipping Weight – 1.50 kg

Better designed, with more functionalities than its predecessor, the Microsoft Band 2 has a larger, curved AMOLED screen, features for stair counting, and heart rate monitoring, bundled with a longer battery life.

Life gets simpler when wearing the Band 2 with its ability to send pre-written messages via the app. It works perfectly with Windows Phone, Android and iPhone.

Your Goal: Owning the Style Game


Apple Watch Sport
International Shipping Weight – 2.00 kg

A must-have for style mavens. The Apple Watch Sport is elegant, and is a stunning marriage of form with function. Activity tracking on the Apple Watch Sport comes via its heart rate sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope. Style mavens would appreciate that the Apple Watch Sport bands can be swapped out easily with different colours, and Apple’s famous retina display performs fantastically on this tracker.

We connected our Apple Watch Sport to our Apple devices via Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-fi, and managed to read our emails and summon Siri without slowing down on the treadmill. We must say, it definitely made us feel productive.

Water resistant and with battery that lasts up to 18 hours, this was one of our favourites.

Your Goal: Conquer as many Ironman Championships as you can



              Garmin Forerunner 920XT Garmin
International Shipping Weight – 2.00 kg.

Designed for swimming, biking, and running, the Garmin Forerunner 920xt is a powerhouse tracker with multisport GPS that works as hard as you do, intelligently measuring your activity via features such as “Auto Pause”, “Auto Lap”, and more. We liked how the alerts would notify us when we exceeded certain thresholds like distance or heart rate.

When swimming, we found that the Garmin Forerunner 920xt did a decent job of capturing specific swim metrics such as stroke count. stroke rate, and more, whereas when cycling, it opted to show us our speed instead of pace.

Battery life lasts up to 24 hours in training mode, and all activity can be synced to Garmin connect.

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