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Float Fever: Cool Pool Floats for the most Instagram-worthy Parties

Feeling the heat? Head to the pool for a splash with family and friends! This year’s recent inflatable float fever has resulted in a incredibly instagrammable array of creatively designed pool floats that can liven up any party atmosphere. Check out our favorite floats of the season below, and discover brightly colored donuts, swans, flamingos, unique unicorns, and cheeky emojis that will entice both kids and adults to jump in the water and join in the fun!


Swans are a classic pool staple -Image by @funboylife

FUNBOY’s giant swan pool toys features sleek lines and a six foot base, making the birds a majestic spectacle you and your friends can climb onto.


White Swan Pool Float$ 99.00


FUNBOY’s recent collaboration with contemporary aerial photographer Gray Malin produced a state-of-the-art swan float with a custom design print. Each float purchased provides one person, a year of clean drinking water.


Gary Malin Artist Edition, $ 128.00

Combining Malin’s iconic Bondi Beach print with FUNBOY’s classic White Swan, you can transport yourself to the beaches of Australia no matter where you float!



If swans are not your thing…

Imagine a party with unicorns…



Rainbow Unicorn Float$ 99.00


Or the mythical Pegasus!


Pegasus Pool Float$ 99.00

Image by @emilyratajkowksi

Fancy a Flamingo?


Giant Flamingo Pool Float, $48

Dimensions when inflated: 79.2″l x 75.2″w x 47.2″h

Kick your pool party game up a notch with this over-sized flamingo-shaped pool float! Pair it with these mini flamingo drink floats that can hold your iced tea so you won’t have to get out of the water to grab a sip!


Flamingo Drink Holder Pool Float Set, $12

Image by @uo_austin

Frolic on a Flaming Emoji


Giant Fire Emoji Pool Float, $49.95

This giant fire emoji is so flaming hot not even an ocean of water can put it out! Grab one of these to heat up your summer parties. It measures about 6 ft tall and 6 ft wide, with a premium matte finish made from ultra thick material.


Prefer to Stay Cool?


Giant Sunglass Face Emoji Pool Float, $44.95

Get your sunglasses on and keep your cool in the heat with this Sunglass Face Emoji pool float! It measures slightly over 5ft and will make an undeniably fun statement in the pool.

Kick back, relax, and don a cool pair of shades!



Donut Pool Float, $26

Also available in chocolate and vanilla icing, this lip-smacking  doughnut ring float is a super comfortable shape to lounge in.

Photo by @urbanoutfitters

Express your love for pizza!

Pizza Slice Pool Float, $42

Length: 6′

 Our favorite feature of this pizza design is that each individual slice can be connected to create a whole pizza! It’s also fitted with two cup holders to hold your drinks.

Slices can be tied together to form a whole pizza!
Image by @urbanoutfittersmen

Pretzels, anyone?


Length: 6′

This tasty, twisty pretzel raft makes a unique float option!

Unleash your inner mermaid!


Shell Pool Float, $48

Great for a day at the beach, this translucent pink shell float makes the perfect sea-cushion.

Image by @uovermont

Last but not least…

One-Minute Electric Float Pump and Vacuum, $24.95

You’ll need a one-Minute Electric Float Pump and Vacuum to inflate and deflate your floats effortlessly. Huge floats will require a lot of lung-power to fill, so you’ll need one of these bad boys to do the work for you. This pump also has a vacuum function, to condense your floats for travel or storage. It also comes with various accessory heads, which can be used to fill sports balls, inflatable pools, or mattresses.



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