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Practical Gear for Pets

Style up your pet with and keep it comfortable with these adorable pet fashions!

A Better Collar for Smaller Pets

The Buddy Belt collar reduces strain on your smaller dog’s neck

For owners of smaller to medium size dogs, pulling on a regular neck leash may harm your pet in the long run. The Buddy Belt collar is specially designed to reduce strain on your dog’s spine and neck to prevent damage to the throat


.The harness is light weight, conforms to the body and comes in a wide selection of colors.


For those on a budget, the Buddy collar design comes also in synthetic leather using the same Buddy Belt design and hardware. Without compromising quality, this collar is priced to work with any budget.



For Rainy Days

Rainy Days Slicker, USD10.22 -$15.99. Available in 4 sizes.

Don’t let it rain on your dog’s parade! Fashion Pet’s Rainy Days Slicker in vibrant yellow is the perfect update to the classic rain slicker!


This cute waterproof dog coat is easy to wipe clean and has a reflective stripe on back and hood for easier visibility on damp nights. The self-adjusting belly strap allows for a better a fit and it comes with a convenient leash opening.

The waterproof coating keeps your dog dry and easily wipes clean. Comes in 4 sizes to fit small to larger dogs. When choosing between two sizes, always pick a larger one for your dog’s comfort.


Warm and Waterproof

Lookin’ Good Waterproof Reflective Dog Coat USD$8.69-$11.99

On cold, rainy days, the Lookin’ Good Waterproof Reflective Dog Coat might come in handy as it is specially designed to keep warm and comfortable in wet weather.

The coat is made of waterproof shell fabric with a comfortable polar fleece lining and padding for extra warmth, the reversible design comes with a reflective tape for safety

It is easy to put on and remove, with a convenient Velcro neck collar and secure belly bands. Fetching black trim adds a style to this incredibly functional dog coat.

The Life-vest for Water Loving Dogs

Outward Hound Life Jacket, USD$15.39-$27.59. Comes in 5 sizes.

Most dogs love water and won’t hesitate to jump into a pool when they see one. If you love bringing your dog to lakes, beaches, and on-board boards, it’s crucial to keep them safe and not just with a close watch or on leash.

The Outward Hound is well designed, comfortable to wear and affordable life jacket for water loving dogs and dog owners. The vest comes in 5 sizes for an optimum fit and helps to keep your dog’s head out of the water when they get tired.

Read more about how a couple keeps their dogs safe at sea with Outward Hound here

Protect Paws in Sunny or Freezing Weather

Summit Trex set of 4 dog boots

Summit Trex dog boots provide everyday traction and paw protection from extreme temperatures, abrasive surfaces, and salt or other snowmelt chemicals. The Ruffwear-designed outsole provides flexible traction while an integrated stretch gaiter protects legs and locks out dirt and debris. Sizes are available to suit all types of dogs.



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