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Halloween outfits that work all year round…in a good way.

We’re all guilty about going over-the-top with our Halloween outfits, and there are times when even the word “crazy” becomes an understatement. Not all Halloween costumes, however, are meant to be worn exclusively for the occasion. You just need to find the right outfits that can make you look crazy cool regardless of the season.

If you’re a fitness buff looking for Halloween outfit inspiration, you came to the right place. Deck up in your favorite superhero-themed workout gear, and you’ll be ready not just for Halloween but also for your post-party sessions at the gym.


Wade Wilson’s alter ego has become everyone’s favorite mercenary with his morbid sense of humor and unique personality. Dress up as the hottest antihero of the year for Halloween, and make sure to shed those extra carbs from all the chimichangas you’ve eaten.

Deadpool Fitness Shirt_Square.jpg

Fitness Shirt by Superhero Stuff
International shipping weight -0.5 kg

Deadpool Leggings (Unisex)_Square.jpg

Leggings by Roni Taylor Fitness
International shipping weight – 1 kg

Captain America

Get into the character of the patriotic super soldier in this Captain America-inspired workout gear! And like a true leader, round up your Avenger buddies for a super Halloween celebration or a quick trail run to keep those abs in shape.

Captain America Compression Shirt_Square.jpg

Compression Shirt by Under Armour
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Unisex Captain America Leggings_Square.jpg

Leggings by Novelty Force
International shipping weight – 1 kg

Leggy Girl Power

Gather the ladies and show off those powerful legs in these superheroine tights by Superhero Stuff. Pair these up with your choice of skirt, mini dress, and boots and you’ll be ready to hit the party in style.


Wonder Woman, Black Widow, and Batgirl Leggings
International shipping weight – 1 kg each

The Hulk

Transform into a mean green muscle machine in this Hulk-themed compression shirt. Show off those intense Hulk muscles to your buddies as you lift your choice of weights, or those bags of Halloween treats for the neighborhood kids.

Under Armour Hulk Compression Shirt_Square.jpg

Compression Shirt by Dicks Sporting Goods
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Black Panther

This mystical superhero’s heart-shaped herb diet might be the secret to his glorious physique. You, however, may need to level up your post-Halloween bench press exercises to release those sugar from all the treats you will eat. Working out in your Black Panther outfit is, of course, highly recommended.

Black Panther Compression Shirt_Square.jpg

Compression Shirt by Novelty Force
International shipping weight – 1 kg

Black Panther Leggings_Square.jpg

Compression Pants by Novelty Ninjas
International shipping weight – 1 kg



Leggings by Fashion Activewear
International shipping weight – 1 kg

Channel your inner party girl or fitness junkie self in this pair of limited edition leggings. Superhuman agility is definitely made “possible” with this activewear.

Son Goku

Ready to tackle down your favorite CrossFit equipment like how a Super Saiyan battle against galactic monsters? Better don this battle-damaged Son Goku outfit and practice your Kamehameha wave!

Battle Damaged Son Goku - Men SkinZ Shirt_Square.jpg

Battle Damaged Son Goku – Men SkinZ Shirt by Raver Swag
International shipping weight -0.5 kg

Goku Saiyan Saga - Men SkinZ Leggings_Square.jpg

Goku Saiyan Saga – Men SkinZ Leggings by Anime Gears
International shipping weight – 1 kg


Halloween is more fun with friends, so invite them over and create your own superhero league!


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