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Buying US-exclusive Clothes Online Is As Easy As Pie

Shop Your Dream Clothes from Thousands of US Online Stores!

Research firm Statista projected that online sales of clothes and apparel would increase to $153.6 billion in 3 years, seeing a 67% increase since 2019. And our own 2020 data showed that what tops our customers’ to-do list is to “buy clothes online from the USA.”


Whether it’s for adult or baby apparel, comGateway users love to shop at these online clothing stores:

Top US Online Stores for Clothing and Apparel

Get this tank top from Lululemon here.

Get this shirt from Ralph Lauren here.
Get this baby boy romper set from Children’s Place here.
Get this cardigan set  from Carter’s here.
Get this hoodie from Old Navy here.
Get this Marvel t-shirt from Shop Disney here.


So, how do you buy clothes from online stores in the USA and ship them home while not spending much? It may sound expensive, but it’s not. In just three simple steps, you can get that dream Ralph Lauren dress or that US-exclusive Marvel t-shirt to your doorstep.


Step 1: Create a comGateway account (no registration fee required). Upon registration, we will give you your own US address that’s 100% sales-tax-free and usable on thousands of US online stores!


Step 2: Shop from your chosen US online stores and have your packages shipped to your comGateway address. 

Note: If the store only accepts US-issued credit cards, you can avail of our BuyForMe service, and we’ll handle the shopping for you.


Step 3: Access your comGateway account and manage your packages however you want to ship them to your home. 



If yes, then signing up for our business program might be your best bet!

– Get lower shipping rates

– Have your own relationship manager exclusively assigned to your business account

– Customized repacking, re-invoicing, and drop-shipping services




Determine the shipping weight.

Getting the shipping weight can be confusing, so let us explain how we compute for it.

We at comGateway check both the volumetric and actual weight of a package. Whichever is greater between the two will be your package’s shipping weight.

Volumetric weight is how big a package is (A.K.A. volume it occupies), while actual weight is the physical weight of a package measured in kilograms. 


Avoid getting #shookt from hidden shipping charges by using our Cost Calculator.

Our Cost Calculator will help you compute the estimated amount of your shipment. 

Just fill in the delivery destination, cost of goods, and shipping weight, and you’ll see the total shipping cost along with the breakdown of the fees.


Check out our Live Estimate

Our Live Estimate tells you the international shipping cost for your chosen item on any US online store—making it the perfect tool to avoid hidden fees. 

But wait, there’s more! For a fee, you can lock in the shipping estimate you received, so if your package arrives heavier or larger, you’ll only have to pay for your initial estimated cost!



Wait up, shopper! We at comGateway want you to maximize your savings when you’re shopping and shipping with us. Check out these money-saving services that we offer:



With this service, we will consolidate multiple packages into one shipment. Yep, that means you only have to pay for one base charge shipping fee.



Was any of your package placed in an uber big box? Don’t fret; we’ll notify you if they are eligible for a repack service. We could either repack it in a polybag or cut down its box to reduce its shipping weight. Less shipping weight = cheaper shipping fees!



OneBox can reduce your packages’ total weight by up to 80%. We combine multiple eligible packages into one container like a box or polybag to reduce your final shipping weight in this service. The more packages you have, the bigger the savings!



Please keep in mind that customs regulations regarding apparel shipments differ per country. Going beyond your country’s minimal value will charge you additional taxes.



Not all freight-forwarding companies show appreciation to loyal customers, but we do! 

By our Prime Rewards system, we will upgrade your comGateway account from Standard to Prime status after you make 3 international shipments.


That Prime status lasts for 6 months and is packed with these perks: 

– Up to 5% discount on shipping rates

– 7% of item cost for BuyForMe service

 Faster shipping for standard rates

– Free 60-day storage of packages

– Repacking and consolidation discounts



Ready to start shopping, shipping, and saving? Sign up for a comGateway account now and get to buy your dream US-exclusive apparel and other items for affordable rates!


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