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What Is A U.S. Shipping Address?

Who wouldn’t want to shop and ship authentic US products at the cheapest rates, right? But is that even possible? Do you just Google “US address international shipping,” and you’ll get your answer? Or will you just turn to direct international shipping even if it is expensive? 


All of these questions, only one answer: You need your own US shipping address.


What is a U.S. shipping address? Do I really need it?

Here lies the problem: Not all US online stores ship goods internationally, or if they do, they charge expensive international shipping costs—which is why a US shipping address is needed.


A US shipping address is your own local US address where you can ship your US purchases to. Sending packages to a local US address is much cheaper than shipping them directly to your doorstep. 


Can I get a free U.S. address? How?

Anyone can get a US shipping address. comGateway is one of the few freight forwarding companies that offer free registration for you to get your own US shipping address.


Upon registration, you will receive your own US address, which you can set as your delivery address on thousands of US online stores such as:


  • Ralph Lauren
  • Old Navy
  • Nordstrom
  • Amazon
  • Walmart


Now that you’ve gained your own US address, you’ve gained access to thousands of US online stores. But how do you use it?


How To Use a U.S. Address

In just three simple steps, you can get that dream Ralph Lauren dress or that US-exclusive Marvel t-shirt to your doorstep.


Step 1: Create a comGateway account (no registration and membership fee required). Upon registration, we will give you your own US address that’s 100% sales-tax-free and usable on thousands of US online stores!



Step 2: Go to your chosen US online store. Shop and have your packages shipped to your comGateway address. 

Note: If the store only accepts US-issued credit cards, you can avail of our BuyForMe service, and we’ll handle the shopping for you.


Step 3: Access your comGateway account and manage your packages however you want to ship them to your home.



A comGateway US address does not just give you access to thousands of US retailers—but also to various international shipping perks that can help you save more money. Here are some of them:


1. A comGateway US address is a tax-free US address.


States in the US impose sales tax on goods, which is shouldered by—you guessed it!—the shopper. The tax varies per state, but a comGateway address is in Oregon, one of the few sales-tax-free US states. 


With this alone, you’re already saving a few bucks—just because you registered for a US shipping address.


2. More shipments, more rewards.


Not all freight-forwarding companies offer perks for loyal customers, but we do with our Prime Rewards system. 


Once you’ve made 3 international shipments, your account automatically acquires Prime status for 6 months. Under Prime status, you get to enjoy the following perks: 


  • Up to 5% discount on shipping rates
  • 7% of item cost for BuyForMe service
  • Faster shipping for standard rates
  • Free 60-day storage of packages
  • Repacking and consolidation discounts


3. Repacking and consolidation services = more savings!


Shopping from multiple US online stores could lead to numerous packages. Imagine how high its shipping cost could get. But no problem! 


Signing up for a comGateway address also gives you access to our various repacking and consolidation services that’ll help you maximize your savings. Check them out:


With this service, we will consolidate multiple packages into one shipment. Yep, that means you only have to pay for one base charge shipping fee.


Was any of your package placed in an uber big box? Don’t fret; we will notify you if any of the packages are eligible for a repack service. 


We could either repack it in a polybag or cut down its box to reduce its shipping weight. Less shipping weight = cheaper shipping fees!


OneBox helps reduce your packages’ total weight by up to 80%. In this service, we will combine multiple eligible packages of your choice into one container, like a box or polybag, to reduce your final shipping weight. The more packages you have, the bigger the savings!


4. See hidden shipping charges before payment.

US freight forwarders such as comGateway have tools that will help you compute the estimated amount of your shipment. 


In a Cost Calculator, you just enter the delivery destination, cost of goods, and shipping weight, and you’ll see the total shipping cost.


Live Estimate tells you the estimated international shipping cost for your chosen item on any US online store.


All of these international shipping perks are within your reach when you register for a US address. Sign up with comGateway to get yours now!


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