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How Your International Shipping Cost is Calculated

Using comGateway's International Shipping Cost Calculator

Ever wondered how we come up with your shipping cost? It may seem complicated, but it’s actually quite easy! Here are the steps on how comGateway calculates your international shipping cost:

Determine the shipping weight of your package.

To compute for your shipping cost, we need some bits of information about your package. Aside from its delivery destination and its value, we also have to know its shipping weight.

At comGateway, we consider both the volumetric and actual weights of your package. Whichever is greater between the two will be your package’s assigned shipping weight. 

Actual weight versus volumetric weight

So what’s the difference?

Actual weight is the physical weight of your package measured in kilograms (kg), whereas volumetric weight refers to its physical size or the “volume” it occupies – which you derive from its dimensions.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Why not just consider actual weight as your package’s shipping weight?” That seems easier, right?

Well, for international shipping, the physical size of the packages, as well as the space they occupy, matters just as much as how heavy they are. We all know how some goods are placed in too-big boxes, and they take up a lot of space in an aircraft’s cargo.

It is for this reason that volumetric weight, or the physical size of your package, is also considered.

Take a look at the table below for the volumetric and actual weights of some of the US items our customers are buying and shipping internationally:

comGateway's volumetric and actual weight table for select US items

 How is volumetric weight calculated?

To get your package’s volumetric weight, we first measure its dimensions. The weight is then derived by multiplying the dimensions and dividing the result via a volumetric factor.

Illustration of comGateway's volumetric weight formula

Now that your shipping weight is determined, it’s time to get your shipping cost.

How are shipping fees calculated?

As per industry standard, comGateway calculates shipping charges based on a flat fee for the first half-kilogram (0.5 kg), with a lower subsequent fee charge for every succeeding half-kilogram.

comGateway's Shipping Rates Table for Australia

Shipping rates table for Australia

To know comGateway’s shipping rates to your country, check out our rates table.

If the volumetric weight of your package can be reduced, a Repack option will be available for the package. Selecting Repack will display the weights of your package. And by confirming Repack, you agree to reduce the volumeric weight when your package is arranged for international shipping thereby reducing the shipping cost.

Still feeling lost? Don’t sweat it! We’ve got some tools that will help you determine both your package’s shipping cost and shipping weight. Say hello to our Cost Calculator and Live Estimate tools.

Live Estimate

Having shipped tons of packages over the years, comGateway came up with Live Estimate to help its customers get an idea of their desired item’s shipping weight – even before they decide to buy.

comGateway's Live Estimate tool interface

Using it is easy – just indicate the delivery destination, the URL of the product from a US online store, and the quantity.

Live Estimate will then tell you how much the package will weigh and the estimated price that you will pay to ship it internationally.

comGateway's Live Estimate tool showing a sample shipping weight calculation

International Shipping Cost Calculator

Meanwhile, for customers who already have existing packages or already know the shipping weight, there’s the Cost Calculator.

comGateway's Cost Calculator interface

Thanks to its straightforward and easy-to-understand design, it is quite easy to use! Just fill in the delivery destination (country), the cost of your goods (in USD), and your package’s shipping weight.

comGateway's Cost Calculator Standard Shipping Calculation

The results will show the total shipping cost and the breakdown of the charges, so you’ll know how much will go to international shipping, to package insurance, as well as fuel surcharge.

comGateway's Cost Calculator Express Shipping Calculation

It will also reflect comGateway’s rates for Standard and Express shipping so you can choose which price and delivery speed you’re comfortable with paying.

Take note that other fees such as exception surcharges and taxes and duties (if applicable) are not yet included in your shipping cost.

There you have it! Now that you know how it works, you are now ready to start shopping US items and calculating the shipping fee of your packages.

Create a comGateway account now to get started!

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