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Learn, Play, Create! Educational Tech Toys for Kids

Give your kids a headstart in technology with tech toys that are inspiring, educational, and fun. Modern tech toys are remodeling the play concept, evolving from plain interaction with a computer device, to advanced assembly kits where kids can dissect technology, code, and learn about computer parts. It’s exciting to see children develop skills and express their creative ideas, knowing that they will grow up to impact the future of technology and science. Thoughtfully designed and fun to play, here are some of our favorite tech toys you can introduce to your child today:

6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit, $21.95
International Shipping Weight – 1.00 Kg

This well-designed 6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit is an excellent beginner’s building kit that teaches kids how solar power is used to drive a small motor. Your child can learn the benefits of solar energy while creating a toy that is both fun to play with and requires no batteries.

21 snap together parts, with no tools required, can build up to six different working models including an airboat, windmill, puppy, and two different planes.



Gizmos & Gadgets KitGizmos & Gadgets Kit, $199.95
International Shipping Weight – 1.00 Kg

A great gift for aspiring little inventors, you’ll have endless surprises as your imaginative child explores limitless possibilities with littleBits.

The Gizmos & Gadgets Kit is designed to give users a well-rounded introduction to littleBits and inspire a spirit of improvisation and creativity with electronics. Built-in learning programs provide a jumping off point for further self-propelled explorations, experiments, and inventions.

Educational Insights MicroPro EliteEducational Insights MicroPro Elite, $89.99
International Shipping Weight – 5.50 Kg

Let your child explore the hidden wonders of the microscopic world! With the MicroPro Elite, young scientists can investigate everything from cells to crystals. This 98-piece set includes all the tools kids need to create their own specimen slides and view them at up to 900x magnification. There is also a camera mount to photograph findings and a projection/drawing device to display images for tracing or group viewing.




Jamstik+ Portable SmartGuitarJamstik+ Portable SmartGuitar, $299.99
International Shipping Weight – 1.50 Kg

The Jamstik WIFI SmartGuitar is an award winning, digital SmartGuitar with real strings and real frets that can connect wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, Mac and compatible PC. It works with bundled companion apps, or your favorite music apps, like GarageBand, so that anyone from beginner to pro can just play and have fun making music!

The jamstik was designed to be portable; at just over 16″ you can practice and play anywhere. And you’ll get no flak from anyone in your home, or your seat mate on the plane or the bus because it makes no sound by itself!

Jamstick also comes in black, white and blue colors

Nancy B's Science Club MoonScopeNancy B’s Science Club MoonScope, $49.99
International Shipping Weight – 3.00 Kg

Take a tour of the nighttime sky with visits to Saturn, Jupiter and even the mountain ranges on the moon! Encourages kids to pursue their natural love of science with this Moonscope. Kids aged 8 years and up can follow a 22-page activity guide to get started on their stellar celestial adventure.


Virtual Reality Starter PackVirtual Reality Starter Pack, $29.99
International Shipping Weight – 1.00 Kg

Virtual reality is starting to take off and it’s exciting! There are a few headsets that use your smartphone as the screen, but this is the first one we’ve seen that is designed specially for kids. It works with various smartphones, similar to Google Cardboard, and there are a number of compatible VR apps and games for Android and iOS.


Dash Robot Wonder Pack, $279.99
International Shipping Weight – 3.50 Kg

A Gold Winner of the National Parenting Award 2015 and featured on Time To Play Magazine‘s 2015 Holiday Most Wanted List, this wee robot has real personality that’s compatible with Android or iOS devices for all sorts of play and learning. At first glance it seems like a remote control robot that lights up and makes sounds, but if you dig deeper, you can actually program routines into it with the accessible Blockly drag-and-drop coding app. It’s also compatible with Lego, and Wonder Workshop offers a static companion robot and a bunch of other extras if you want to expand on it.

Users can purchase add-on accessories to program specific tasks

Kano Computer KitKano Computer Kit, $149.99
International Shipping Weight – 3.50 Kg

Kano is a complete build-your-own computer kit bundled with all sorts of interesting software to inspire your kids to start programming, and make music or games. There are simple illustrated guides for them to follow, and it’s impressively accessible. It’s based around a Raspberry Pi 2, and the kit also includes an orange keyboard, a mouse, other electronic bits and pieces, and a set of stencils and stickers to customize the look. The real fun actually begins when it’s built and they dig into the challenges of programming games and making art.

Dino-Lite Basic AM2111Dino-Lite Basic AM2111, $99.99
International Shipping Weight – 0.50 Kg

This pocket-sized handheld microscope plugs into your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone — the software supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS and shows from 10X up to 220X magnification. There are also four LEDs to illuminate your subject and a plastic stand you can slot it into. You can also use it to capture photographs or video. It’s amazing what can be seen with a microscope, and your kids will love collecting samples to examine, and even everyday objects can reveal surprises.

CubettoCubetto, $225.00
International Shipping Weight – 1.00 Kg

Cubetto is a playful wooden robot that helps young children (3-6) discover programming through storytelling, adventure and collaboration. It’s the first coding toy of its kind to work without a screen or digital interface, and lets children learn how to code before they can read or write.

Made for boys and girls of any language anywhere in the world, it has been designed to help create a new, universal standard in tangible coding that will help will drive today’s coding revolution from the ground up.

Sphero SPRK+Sphero SPRK+, $129.99
International Shipping Weight – 1.00 Kg

Designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, and invention through connected play and coding, SPRK+ is far more than just a robot.

Powered by the Lightning Lab app, you can easily learn programming, complete hands-on activities, and share your creations with their online community. Use it to navigate a maze, program a painting, mimic the solar system, swim across the water, or have a dance party. The only limit is your imagination!


Navigate mazes and more with the SPRK+



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