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Creating the look of a modern bathroom at home

Home is where the heart is but within our precious living space; the bathroom is our sanctuary. Bathroom must-haves are no longer just about your standard shower, toilet, and bath necessities. We want luxury. We want the spa-like ambiance, the personalized themes. We want the technology that comes with the digital age. We want convenience.

For these reasons alone, some people would not hesitate to pay extra for hotel rooms with bathrooms straight out of magazine features. But why shed extra cash when you can have the same thing within the comfort of your own home? You don’t even have to renovate! Just pick the right accessories and you can make your bathroom look and feel like what you want it to be. Check out what we rounded up for you!

Home retreat


Sprout Aroma Diffuser by Houzz
International shipping weight – 1.5 kg

An aroma diffuser in disguise, Sprout can fill your bathroom with your favorite calming fragrance while holding your favorite plant. This “incognito diffuser” is equipped with advanced technologies that fully discharge the essential oil’s particles to help your body absorb the active ingredients. It also has an activated carbon mesh that efficiently eliminates foreign odors from the atmosphere.


Bath Pillow from Sears
International shipping weight – 2 kg

Experience the level of comfort spa houses provides with Aquasentials’ bath pillow. The pillow is made of soft terry cloth for a more comfortable soak in the tub. It’s also waterproof, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of washing and drying it after use.


Birthstone Mineral Soap by Mariel Nader
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Absorb the healing powers of your birthstone with this mineral soap inspired by the shades and shapes of the 12 birthstones.


Mosaic Bath Accessories by Croscill
International shipping weight – 3 kg

Croscill’s bath accessories are created in rich mocha hues with iridescent bronze, burnished gold, copper, and champagne contemporary mosaic patterns. With the classy and elegant design of each piece, they can be mistaken as decorative pieces instead of soap, toothbrush, and tissue holder on your bathroom counter.

Wireless and tech savvy


Automatic Bathroom Trash Bin by iTouchless
International shipping weight – 19 kg

True to its name, iTouchless saves you from making contact with your trash bin. The lid automatically opens once your hand (or the trash) is within 5 inches from the sensor, and automatically closes after.


Digital Water Timer by Green Starts Here
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

A techy way to save water is by using this monitoring device. Once you’re in the shower, the device will automatically start monitoring your shower time and water consumption according to the default settings or your own calibration.



Waterproof Bathroom and Shower Bluetooth Speaker by Sharper Image
International shipping weight – 1 kg

Treat yourself to a private concert in the bathroom with these Bluetooth speakers. Both are waterproof, which means you can control your shower playlist directly from the shower stall without worrying about getting the devices wet.


Bluetooth Droplet Speaker from Uncommon Goods
International shipping weight – 1 kg

Personalized space

Give your bathroom a personality that matches with yours!


Dolphin Reef (Wilkie) Mural by Murals Your Way
International shipping weight – 6 kg

Get the look and feel of luxurious Neptune and Poseidon suites in your own bathing space by installing 3D wallpapers. This theme is perfect for those who love ocean adventures or someone who finds places with water calming and relaxing.


Polaroll Polaroid Camera Toilet Paper Holder by DOIY
International shipping weight – 1.5 kg

Whether you’re a photography-loving person or simply obsessed with anything retro, this Polaroid toilet paper holder is right for you. It even comes with a set of colored roll of toilet paper that will make you think twice before using it. But you can always get a refill, so no need to worry about running out of your printed toilet paper set.


Bathroom Wall Decor by DIGIArt Prints
International shipping weight – 1.5 kg

Make your bathroom experience more fun by injecting some humor into your bathroom design. Wall decors, such as this funny framed print, doesn’t take much space, but the good laugh it gives can take up loads of stress off your shoulders.


Start your bathroom makeover now!





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