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Monster-inspired games and toys for kids of all ages

Monsters are the unlovable beings in the mythical realm with the notorious reputation of being icons of Halloween. They are the residents of the “Underbed” that parents often use to scare the little kids. The accursed beings that no one wanted until their adorable counterparts clawed their way out of the darkness to reverse their infamous monster rep.

Kids love toys and so do we; and in this feature, we’ll give you the monster toys and games that will wipe out all the memories of their creepy counterparts. Forget about their scary brothers and give these cute, cool, and awesome monsters some love!

Brainy little monsters


Big Foot the Monster from Amazon
International shipping weight – 6 kg

This interactive, adorable Yeti can be your kids’ best friend. Just toggle the remote control buttons and you can make it walk, talk, and display range of emotions. It can also roar, pound its chest with its fist, and play ball.


Ultra T-Rex by Fisher-Price
International shipping weight – 13 kg

Upgrade your little dino-lovers’ miniature Jurassic Park figures to a 2½ feet tall dino-monster. This Ultra T-Rex can walk, stretch to full height, and make real-life dino-sounds. The best thing about it is it can fire projectiles to defend itself – and your kids – from the bad guys!


Interactive Xeno Monster Toy from Zavvi
International shipping weight – 4 kg

Now here’s a baby monster on a mission to get your little girls’ love and attention. Xeno has 10 different emotions and has 40 expressions displayed in his LCD-powered eyes. He is designed with sensors all over his body that allows you to soothe or comfort him when he’s sad or in pain. Xeno also loves music and can definitely dance!

Dino-Poly by Dinosaur Farm

International shipping weight – 1 kg

Everyone’s grateful that we live in a time when these ancient, real-life monsters no longer exist. But how would it feel like to be living with dinosaurs? Experience it through this Monopoly game with a twist where you can trade in your Fossils for Dino Bones and increase your prehistoric wealth.

Do-It-Yourself monsters


Big Book of Knitted Monsters: Mischievous, Lovable Toys by Rebecca Danger
International shipping weight – 1 kg

Create your own monster à la Dr. Frankenstein, but let’s not get into the gory stuff and just stick with kid-friendly supplies. In her book, designer Rebecca Danger gives you tips on how to knit 20 kinds of adorable, cuddly monsters. Castle Toe, on the other hand, teaches you how to bring paper monsters to life.


Papertoy Monsters by Castle Forte
International shipping weight – 1.5 kg

Monster toys for the big, bad boys

Not only little kids enjoy playing with monsters and keep in mind that these toys and games are not for little toddlers.


Lords of Waterdeep Expansion: Scoundrels of Skullport from Overstock
International shipping weight – 1.5 kg

This award-winning board game takes you deeper into the monster realm. Explore the land of Skullport — the haven of despicable crimes — where danger lurks around every corner and where you should be like one of the evils in order to survive.


Frankenstein Figure by Mezco Toys
International shipping weight – 5.5 kg

Get one of the world’s most famous monsters in monster size. This action figure stands at 18 inches and has 8 points of articulation. Whether you play with it or include it in your display of collections, its size and premium make will put it at the center of everyone’s attention.


Arkham Horror: Monster Collection Wave 2 by Fantasy Flight Games
International shipping weight – 8 kg

This batch of premium action figures contains 23 alien monsters from the Arkham Horror board game. These toys are not mass-produced, thus making them rare collectibles that you can either display or use them in your Arkham-themed adventures.


Skully Monster Truck by RC Planet
International shipping weight – 11 kg

This is the kind of monster you’d love to see in action. Experience the bone-crushing power of this monster truck as you race down the street or against other truck monsters. With its new ghost skull design, you won’t find a more menacing monster truck even if you try.


Get your kids a different kind of monster this Halloween and let the fun playtime and exciting games begin!



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