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OneBox in Action!


What is OneBox?

OneBox is comGateway’s exceptional service that helps reduce up to 80% from your packages’ shipping weight, ultimately reducing your shipping fees. It is done by consolidating multiple packages into one container or combining numerous items into one package, be it a box or a polybag. It is highly recommended for online shoppers who love ordering from more than one US online store or Amazon seller. If you prefer to ship all your packages at once, this service will greatly help you save on your shipping budget.

How it works: Shop / Combine / Repack

This is how OneBox is incorporated into the online shopping and shipping process.

  1. Shop from a variety of US online stores and wait for all your packages to arrive at your US address. 
  2. Combine. We will take your items from your multiple packages and put them all in a single container.
  3. Repack. We maximize the space of your new package by cutting it down to reduce weight, so you’ll end up paying less!

OneBox in action

Feast your eyes on the magic of OneBox. Witness how we cut down your package and reduce its shipping weight.

> Box cut-down

> Weight reduction

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