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5 Online Shopping Problems Solved!

Imagine if shopping online was as easy as adding to cart, entering your shipping address, checking out, and waiting for your package to arrive. For many online shoppers, it isn’t that easy. We’ve already established that online stores in the U.S. have more product variety to choose from, so naturally, online shoppers flock to these stores.

If you live in the U.S, shopping from online stores is a piece of cake, but for online shoppers outside the country, it can be a nightmarish experience. Here are five common problems faced by online shoppers around the world, and how they can turn this usually difficult experience to a pleasant and fulfilling spree it really is!

1. You don’t know how much you’ll pay

The problem: Although the price of the item is already shown on the website, you just KNOW you’ll end up paying more than that at checkout. Whether it’s for shipping fee (see point number 2) or insurance, you never know how much to pay exactly. Many say you can’t plan these things, they just happen, but what if you can?

lowest international shipping, time and cost calculator, live estimate
Live Quote and Time & Cost Calculator

The solution: Get a free Live Quote of an item’s shipping weight and shipping fee even before you purchase the product. Estimate what you’re going to pay for shipping! Our Time & Cost Calculator shows you how much you have to pay in total including fuel surcharge and shipping insurance. Now you don’t have to guess anymore and you can plan your shopping expenses better!

2. Expensive international shipping rates

The problem: The burden of all online shoppers – the shipping fee. Amazon, one of the biggest online retailer in the world, and so many other U.S. online stores, ship anywhere to the U.S. for free, but charges a lot for international shipping. Do you wish you live in the U.S. now?

Fast international shipping and Consolidation service

The solution: You don’t have to move to the U.S. to enjoy your shopping spree, you just need a U.S. address! And no, we don’t mean a house and a picket fence that you’ll just rent out on Airbnb. We mean a free U.S. address, which you can get at comGateway.

free U.S. address
Something like this. comGateway’s facility in Portland, Oregon.

Just register and get your exclusive U.S. address which you can use as your shipping address upon checkout on any online U.S. stores. The merchant ships it to your comGateway address for free, we notify you when you receive it, and we’ll ship it at a lower price right to your doorstep. Good thing we have the lowest international shipping rates in the industry!

If shopping sprees are your thing, you can save a lot by consolidating all your shipments at your comGateway address. If you have multiple orders from different online stores, you can wait for all of them to arrive so you can ship them as one shipment instead of paying individual shipping fees!

3. Boxes are too big for what’s inside

The problem: We don’t know why but merchants love putting small items in big boxes. We’re talking about a winter coat in a 36-inch box. This means shoppers have to pay more because bigger volumetric weight means higher shipping fee. You’re basically paying a high price for shipping the air inside the box, and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

OneBox, repack,
Repack – no more shipping air!

The solution: We’ll repack the item in a smaller container, either into a smaller box or a polybag. This reduces your shipping weight and in turn, your shipping fee! You win in life!

4. Payment can’t get through

The problem: And not because you don’t have the money to pay for your items (probably that too, sometimes), but mainly because many U.S. online stores don’t accept cards issued outside the U.S. If your billing address is located outside North America, chances are your card will be rejected. It’s a tale as old as time, or at least as old as online shopping.

fast international shipping, lowest international shipping rates, trackable,

The solution: We will buy it for you. Our BuyForMe concierge manages the purchase on your behalf. All you have to do is give us the link of the product and quantity, and wait for it to arrive at your U.S. address.

5. Lost packages

The problem: Once your items leave the merchant’s warehouse, do you know what happens to your packages? Do they update you where your package is at this very moment? No? Then you’re out of luck. If you don’t get your shipments on the expected date of delivery, what happens now? Lost packages are money down the drain, and you still have to spend even more money and time trying to locate it.

track your package, lost package, lowest international shipping rates

The solution: Shipments that are fully trackable, so that you know where your package is sitting at this very moment. When your shipments change hands to our partner premier couriers and leave the comGateway premises in Portland, Oregon, our responsibility doesn’t stop – you can still track your packages on your account dashboard. If other troubles arise, the best customer service team is always available to assist you!

We see your shopping problems, and we’re here to help. Register now at comGateway to shop and ship without all the hassle!

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