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Pinterest-inspired home essentials for a Pin-tastic home makeover

When it comes to home essentials, it appears that Pinterest crowd isn’t just after function but also aesthetics. Combining looks with utility add a touch of creative uniqueness and it will definitely pin your attention down.

Although there’s a lot of great stuff that makes people click that red pin icon to share what they saw and show their appreciation. Many of these repinned items, however, are things you can’t get your hands on; this happens too often when you’re looking for home makeover inspirations.

Yes, we know. It sucks to realize that you just can’t have it all.

To save you from the frustrating experience of seeing something you really want, only to realize later on that it’s something you just can’t have. We gathered some of the most popular home essentials and decor that you can actually own with just a click of a button.


Pinned by Livin in a shoebox

The Sole Secret Shoe Storage Bench by Candice Charcoal
International shipping weight – 61.5 kg

The perfect chest for your treasured kicks comes in a beautifully upholstered piece of furniture — a bench. Designed by Candice Charcoal, the aptly named secret storage bench can hold 18 pairs of shoes and is ideal for homes with limited spaces for storage.

Pinned by PBteen

Display-It Storage Mirror by PBteen
International shipping weight – 97 kg

Appreciate this beauty from all angles with all the functions it brings. Use one side as a full-length mirror and swivel it around to access 4 shelves where you can store your books, clothes, and other knick knacks. You can also adjust 3 of the shelves according to the what you’re going to use them for. The two other sides serve as a cork board and storage hooks. With everything it offers, it’s no surprise that this item has gained more than 15,000 repins.

Pinned by BuzzFeed

 StickOnPods Cosmetic Organizer by MagnaPods
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Your storage space sometimes needs some micro-organizing, which is why we have those mini-containers. This set from MagnaPods has 3 individual storage units with adjustable dividers and peel-off adhesive that you can easily attach to your closet or cabinet walls or any hard, flat surface you prefer.


Pinned by NousDecor

Faux Antler Wall Decor by Infinite Love Design
International shipping weight – 3 kg

With over 20,000 repins, it only proves that we’re not over with the antler craze yet — but rest assured that we’re only after the artfully carved woods and we’re not willing to sacrifice poor animals for the sake of beautifying your homes.

Pinned by Ashley Niehoff

12″ Black MDF Letter from Hobby Lobby
International shipping weight – 1.5 kg

We all love to personalize our living space, but Christina Simmons decided to have a little more fun in the bedroom. Instead of putting a framed wedding photo, she opted for a set of 12″ black letters to decorate her and her husband’s bedroom wall, and at the same time officially declare their status. After getting pinned from Christina’s personal blog, Simply the Simmons, the photo has already been repinned more than 28,000 times.

Pinned by WALLTAT

3D Reflective Wall Decal by WALLTAT
International shipping weight – 2.5 kg

Giant stickers allow you to be more creative but we can take things up a notch by giving your walls the 3D effect. Made from self-adhesive, removable vinyl, this three-dimensional decor gives your wall an interesting touch of optical illusion.

Pinned by Etsy

Black Lantern Pair by Pine Knobs and Crickets
International shipping weight – 5 kg

Bring a touch of the 18th Century to your home with these wrought iron lanterns from Pine Knobs and Crickets. The lanterns are attached to a wooden base that you can use to mount them on your wall.

Pinned by Mark Lawrence Art

Romans 10:13. Everyone Who Calls Art Decor by Mark Lawrence
International shipping weight – 1 kg

Artist, Mark Lawrence, showcases his love for beauty and his faith through his artworks, which he aims to share with other people. Upon taking his works to Pinterest, this limited edition piece has already earned more than 12,000 repins.

Pinned by Rugs USA

Satara Edison Rug 7′ 6″ x 9′ 6″ by Rugs USA
International shipping weight – 30 kg

The elegant beauty of this rug has captured the attention of more than 18,000 Pinterest folks. Described to be “eye-catching but not overwhelming”, this rug’s design is a proof that simplicity is still the best way to achieve sophistication.

Pinned by Urban Outfitters

Firefly String Lights by Urban Outfitters
International shipping weight – 1 kg

How to transform your room into a romantic set fit for a movie? String those lights and you’ll get the sweet dramatic effect that more than 13,000 people have repinned. This firefly string lights from Urban Outfitters is perfect for outdoor use as well.


These Pinteresting home essentials are no longer just within your hand’s reach, they’re already at the tip of your fingers, so click away!


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