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Samsung Galaxy S8: The slim phone that packs a punch

Finally, an infinity screen.

Smartphone makers have long been making attempts at the so-called infinity screen, a screen that covers entirely the front of the phone, to no avail. With the Galaxy S8 and S8+, Samsung’s flagship phones for 2017, the Korean brand has beaten everyone to it.


Samsung | Galaxy S8 – $799.99
International shipping weight – 2 kg
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Their seamless screen isn’t the only thing these phones are hailed for, though. The S8 and S8+, which measure 5.8 inches and 6.2 inches in length, respectively, boast of a panoply of cutting-edge features:

Infinity screen. The S8 phones are the world’s first smartphones with infinity screens. The phones do away with the bezels so all you see in the front is a 2960×1440 Infinity Display filling every square inch.  The home button, which is usually found on the strip of bezel at the bottom of the phone, is replaced with an icon on the screen. The fingerprint sensor, until now a screen function, is then relocated at the back of the phone, beside the camera lens.


Triple unlock systems. On top of the fingerprint scanner, the S8 phones can also be unlocked in two other ways: via iris scanner and face scanner. The iris scanner first appeared in Samsung Note 7, which was discontinued after reports of its batteries catching fire. The face scanner, on the other hand, has long been a feature of Android phones as far back as 2012 but was often unreliable so it did not get as much support from phone makers. This time, the face scanner is expected to deliver better results along with the S8 phones’  improved camera, picture quality being a requisite in face recognition technology.

AI assistant. The S8 phones’ release also saw the launch of Samsung’s own artificial intelligence assistant app, Bixby. Like its predecessors Siri and Alexa, Bixby brings together in one place every piece of information generated by the apps you use, from appointments to Facebook notifications. A module called Bixby Vision scans objects, identifies them, and tells you where you can buy them. The voice command, however, is present only in S8 phones sold in South Korea, but Samsung says it will soon release Bixby’s full version for the global market.


As of press time, the S8 phones are available only in four markets: the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and South Korea. If your country isn’t one of these, don’t fret as there is a way you can get your own S8 phone right now. Learn about it here.

Meanwhile, let’s look at some accessories and gadgets that will push the boundaries of your S8 experience:

1. Sapphire Defense Curve. Carry your S8 around without the fear of dropping and damaging it. The Sapphire Defense Curve by Zagg reinforces glass with a layer of sapphire crystals for a screen protector that keeps your phone safe from scratches, breakage, etc.


Zagg | Sapphire Defense Curve – $49.99
International shipping weight – .5 kg
Get it here!

2. Samsung Keyboard Cover. Can’t get over keypads yet? Get yourself the Black Keyboard Cover by Samsung. Attach it to your S8 and instantly your phone looks like a sophisticated business phone.


Samsung | Keyboard Cover – $59.99
International shipping weight – .5 kg
Get it here!

3. Samsung Gear 3.  You want to trek through the outdoors but want to remain under the radar. Leave your phone behind and instead strap on the Samsung Gear 3. It resembles a traditional dive watch but runs on an Android operating system instead of clockwork, so you can remotely access your S8 without ruining the exploration mood.


Samsung | Gear 3 – $299.99
International shipping weight – 2 kg
Get it here!

4. Samsung DeX Station. Granted, your S8 is as powerful as an actual laptop, but from time to time, you still feel like taking a break from peering into a small screen. The Samsung DeX Station will satisfy this fixation for a bigger screen. The bowl-like gadget connects your S8 into an external monitor, allowing you to access your files and work with the apps on your phone, however from a larger display.


Samsung | DeX Station – $148.00
International shipping weight – .5 kg
Get it here!

5. Samsung Gear 360.  Take 360-degree-angle shots with the Samsung Gear 360.  Forget cables and monopods; the Gear 360 has a handheld design that fits snugly in your grasp. Take crystal-clear videos, edit and share them right from your S8.


Samsung | Gear 360 – $235.90
International shipping weight – 1 kg
Get it here!

6. Samsung Gear VR. Have I told you can also create virtual reality content with the Gear 360 app? You can also view it using Samsung’s own VR headset, Gear VR.  The Gear VR also comes with its own controller that affords you a variety of movement. Samsung also sources its VR content from industry leader Oculus, so you have access to a library of VR content that runs up to thousands.


Samsung | Gear VR – $129.99
International shipping weight – 1.5 kg
Get it here!

Smartphones have evolved in leaps and bounds, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ and the accessories that go along with them are the best proofs.

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