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Save Big on Your US Shopping and International Shipping to Singapore with this Surprising Combo

YouTrip x comGateway

We at comGateway already offer you considerable savings when shipping packages to Singapore. Our tax-free US address also allows you to shop all you can without incurring any US sales tax. But what if we told you that there’s another way you can enjoy further savings on your US shopping sprees?

Enter YouTrip, Singapore’s first multi-currency mobile wallet application, available on both the App Store and Google Play. With your account connected to a contactless MasterCard, you can use it to pay for any virtual transaction, whether you’re traveling overseas or, you know, shopping overseas websites online! It helps you save money on your shopping in plenty of ways and, together with comGateway, it’s the money-saving combo you never knew you needed! Let us break down the ways YouTrip can help solve your cross-border shopping woes:

YouTrip gives you the best currency exchange rates possible.
YouTrip lets you pay for your purchases using over 150 currencies. So whether you are paying for your purchases in SGD or JPY, you’ll know that you’re enjoying the most affordable rates in the market. Their exchange rates are updated by the minute, which means you can get the best deals when you shop from over 30 million merchants worldwide!

It saves you from paying foreign currency transaction fees.
When shopping US online stores, it’s highly recommended to use USD to pay for your purchases to save more. But we all know the price that comes with that choice – the unnecessary foreign currency transaction fees that surprise you on your billing statement. According to YouTrip, bank-issued credit cards typically charge anywhere from 2.8% – 3.5% in admin fees. Yikes! Read more about foreign currency transaction fees on YouTrip’s blog. This won’t be a problem with YouTrip as they don’t charge any fees whatsoever. Imagine how much you’ll save when you use this service – you may even use that amount to add more items to your cart! Use it to pay for your shopping and your international shipping with comGateway and ease your worries about hidden fees.

Together with comGateway, it makes shopping your dream purchases and shipping them home possible.
With YouTrip, you can grab the cheapest prices on US brands when you buy directly from the US website. Combine that with comGateway’s service and all your dream US purchases are made possible.

Skip the reseller prices on Lazada or Shopee and get your hands on the Amazon Kindle straight from Amazon US! Grab that Glossier makeup set you can’t buy anywhere else – just pay with YouTrip and ship with comGateway and it will arrive at your doorstep from the US in a matter of 3-8 business days.

With YouTrip’s affordable foreign currency rates and comGateway’s most competitive shipping rates in the freight forwarding industry, you’ll be sure to receive maximum savings by using both. So what are you waiting for? Try out YouTrip and comGateway’s money-saving combo!

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Sign up for YouTrip with the code: COMGATEWAY5 to receive a free S$5 in your account.

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