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Secret Santa gifts everyone will love

It’s the Christmas tradition that people look forward to because…who doesn’t like surprise gifts? Let’s admit it, not knowing if we’ll be pleasantly surprised or genuinely shocked only adds to the Secret Santa thrill. But whether your Secret Santa gift is well-thought-of functional, sentimental, or just a well-planned prank, everyone in your department, family, or circle of friends is also excited to find out.

With the holiday season just around the corner, the pressure to find “the present” is kicking in. But no worries because the gifts we’re about to suggest will give you the chance to be more popular than Santa himself.

For  design lovers

US fine art photographer and author Gray Malin (of Prada Marfa fame) travels the world, capturing stunning aerial views from far-flung locales including Antarctica and South Africa. Best of all, we love how all his work combines reality with a healthy dose of whimsy. Let your gift recipient carry the joy throughout 2017 with a Gray Malin iPhone case.

Gray Malin iPhone Case – $49.00 – $54.00
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg
Get your iPhone 6/7/7 Plus case here!

For the messy one

It’s not an organized mess and everyone knows it — except your gift recipient. Do everyone else a favor and gift a desktop organizer. The Rocky Desk Butler has a magnetic mouth for paper clips, he holds pens and pencils, he has easy storage for rubber bands around his neck, and a small storage space on his back.

Rocky Desk Butler – $19.99

International shipping weight – 0.5 kg
Get your desk butler here!

For the Superorganizer

The polar opposite of the Lord of the Organized Mess referenced above, your gift recipient can actually detect when there is a stray hair on his/her desk, and will remove it fastidiously. In addition, when queried about the status of any ongoing project, he/she knows exactly where it’s at. Gift MoMA’s 2017 calendar — the perfect engine to keep your Superorganizer giftee running on time next year.

MoMA’s 2017 calendar – $10.95
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg
Get your 2017 calendar here!

For that one friend who got everyone hooked on LINE

Brown Bear, the popular character from messaging app LINE, has been transitioned into reality by Mr. Maria. Manufactured in the Netherlands, this friendly little bear is all ready to light up your gift recipient’s life!

LINE Brown Bear – $199.00
International shipping weight – 3 kg
Get your LINE bear here!

For beach holiday lovers

So, your Secret Santa recipient loves beach holidays, and you know because, well, your Instagram feed for the past year has been filled with updates posted from obscure beach locations throughout South East Asia and the Pacific, and they all feature your gift recipient. Fret not: We’ve got the perfect gift!

While white swan floats are arguably so 2015, this limited-edition FUNBOY version is technically art, and therefore timeless: a welcome addition to any beach bunny’s Instagram feed!

Swan Float by Funboy – $128.00
International shipping weight – 4 kg
Get your swan float here!

For the wine enthusiast

Your sommelier-in-the-making colleague will only sniff and sip his choice of poison from a drinkware made solely for the occasion. Unfortunately, those fine goblets might not be readily available outside the usual wine-drinking zones. But with these wine tumblers, your oenophile-wannabe Secret Santa giftee won’t have to wait to enjoy his Merlot or Chardonnay.

Asobu Stack-N-Go Acrylic Wine Tumbler – $14.95
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg
Get your swan float here!

For the gaming geek with heroic (day)dreams

The guy from the IT department will have his inner keyboard warrior (or Toy Stark) unleashed with this mean Iron Man-themed Gaming Keyboard. Get this for him and you’ll be saved from future office computer problems.

Iron Man Gaming Keyboard – $79.99
International shipping weight – 2 kg
Get your game on here!

For the one who values every quarter and dime

Being thrifty has never been this fun! This balloon animal money bank from Made by Humans will be worth every penny spent because your Secret Santa recipient will start saving for your gift. Shrewd, right?

Made by Humans Balloon Animal Money Bank – $65.00
International shipping weight – 2 kg
Get your money bank here!

For the one who secretly abhors numbers

Whether your giftee’s favorite subject in school was Literature, or she/he just secretly harbors extreme dislike towards anything Math-related, it’s time to let your Secret Santa recipient know that there’s a desk clock created just for her/his benefit.

Large LED Wall Clock – $79.95
International shipping weight – 1 kg
Get your numberless clock here!

For the cleanliness-is-next-to-godliness believer

Here’s another tool for the colleagues with neat-freak tendencies. This device will help them get their desired level of spotlessness in no time and in the cutest way possible.

Wrapables® Animal Mini Tabletop Vacuum – $14.99
International shipping weight – 1 kg
Get your desk vacuum here!

For the sartorial native

The gentleman who believes silk ties are overrated will dare to be different. Speaking of different, nothing spells unique better than this wooden suit accessory with neat carving details.

Skyline Wooden Bowtie- $34.99
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg
Get your desk Pylon charger here!

For the one who likes to put a ring on it

Take a (discreet) look at your Secret Santa giftee’s hands. If she happens to sport a row of blings on her fingers, you’ve just found the perfect present. This Rock n Troll ring holder by Betsey Johnson is a chic and fun way to keep her accessories in order. This is also exclusively offered by Macy’s!

Betsey Johnson Trolls Ring Holder – $8.00
International shipping weight –  1 kg
Get this only from Macy’s!

For the LEGO bricks boss

Oh no! You took another peek at the strip of paper just to check if you read it correctly, but it’s still there! Your boss’s name in grim, black lettering, warning you to pick your gift wisely or else…

Now, wipe the cold sweat because we have something that will not only put you on your boss’s good side. ThinkGeek’s Executive Building Brick Set and Executive Pen will remind your stern office head that all work and no play is no fun.

Executive Building Brick Set – $19.99
International shipping weight – 0.5
Get your grown-up bricks here!
Build-On Brick Executive Pen Desk Set – $19.99
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg
Get your pen here!


For the TV series fanatic

Your couch potato coworker will have a blast eating popcorns from these Pokémon-themed snack bowls while the catching the latest episode of Stanger Things on Netflix.

Poké Ball Bowl Set – $9.99
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg
Catch your Poké bowl here!

For the busy coffeeholic

Your caffeine-dependent coworker needs a daily fix, and this 17-ounce pour-over coffee maker will give him (or her) more than his (or her) daily fix. Ask them to share!

Bodum 17 oz. Pour Over Coffee Maker- $18.00
International shipping weight – 1 kg
Get your coffee maker here!

For the adventurous bibliophile

Whoever says bookworm things are boring must not have seen these yet. These fun bookends by Knob Creek Metal Arts will surely add a touch of excitement to your Secret Santa’s shelf.

bookends-shot-out-of-cannon-knob-creekKnob Creek Shot Out of Cannon Bookends – $64.99
International shipping weight – 1 kg
Get your artsy metal bookend here!

And if your Secret Santa recipient is still on Train to Busan (or The Walking Dead) high, you can get on the same page with these zombie-themed bookends from Mustard.

Mustard Zombie Bookends – $16.33
International shipping weight – 1 kg
Get your metal bookend here!


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